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don't lurk fren, post sumthin


Apps & Social Links — by Admin Team at 05/19/22 (Thu) 01:00:52

Telegram New Thread Alerts: https://t.me/frens_chan
Odysee: https://odysee.com/@frenschan:1
Overchan for Frens Chan: https://frenschan.org/androidapp/Overchan-Android-unofficial-release-1.8.2.apk
Frens Chan App: https://frenschan.org/androidapp/app-final-apk-6242f87945e4a-1648556153.apk

Tranime Board is Gone — by Admin Team at 04/23/22 (Sat) 22:50:21

Sorry tranime frens, we decided that tranime is not a good fit or reflection of our values here on frenschan, so we removed the board. Tranime breeds degeneracy and we do not support it. We do support art and creativity, so we replaced the tranime board with /art/. I know this is an unpopular opinion but if you need your tranime fix, reddit and discord are waiting for you.

Rules & General Information — by Admin Team at 04/21/22 (Thu) 16:04:13

Welcome to Frens Chan, a cozy place to post anonymously for FRENs and 4trans refugees. This site works much like 4chan, minus the degeneracy.

Rules, Upload Limits and Text Formatting options for the site can be found here: https://frenschan.org/rules.html

Israel is Now Range Banned! — by Admin Team at 04/21/22 (Thu) 16:03:42

Henlo everyone, just wanted to let you know Is-not-real has been Ranged banned from frenschan.com!

If an Israeli flag does get through, please report immediately and they will be banned. No more Jewish shills frens! Max cozy. =D

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