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File: 1653110944811.jpg (7.06 KB, 213x250, 1653082875383s.jpg)

43cc3 No.468[Reply]

We cannot let the globalists fulfill their ideas of utopia.
They want us to rent everything and eat bugs. They want us to
become mindless drones for large business and government.

I see their response as wholly evil. With the way post-biden
economy seems to be trending, it seems they will get their way.

I believe there is an alternate response.

There was a CEO that gave his employees a minimum $70k salary.
Most thought that his business would fail in the covid pandemic,
but it didn't. I think his business didn't fail because the
business has a small gap between the highest-paid workers and
the lowest-paid workers.

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File: 1652619658250.png (223.49 KB, 1050x965, 1637753126865.png)

64022 No.423[Reply]

buy the dip
dumb niggers
last call
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7ddf0 No.461

File: 1652891449105.jpeg (63.17 KB, 750x1000, pink wojack.jpeg)

>buy the dip
they said

64022 No.464

post boipussy

64022 No.465

File: 1653044721832.jpg (317.4 KB, 1225x713, 1648972886715.jpg)

FYI - BTC top will be just under 90k before September

File: 1650644941867.jpg (15.83 KB, 513x720, m0rjc8xi6iy61.jpg)

7ab85 No.187[Reply]

All new cryptos on coinmarketcap seem to be literal honeypots. Either the contracts are still editable, so they can pause trading or change tax rates, or they have whales waiting who can dump right after you pump.

I use TokenSniffer.com to check new coins/tokens as they come out but I have literally never seen a new coin that gets even close to 100% legit.

Are there any small cap coins / tokens that pass tokensniffer's audit?

c1676 No.300

The BSC shitcoinfest of 2021 ruined the fresh coin market. Like you said, it's all pump and dumpers now, orchestrated via telegram. Everyone knows the scam at this point.

I'll still lurk the other /biz/ occasionally and see stuff, but nothing good at the moment I can recommend.

bfc2d No.436

your mom is a scam

3e082 No.463

only most of them are, as would happen to any powerful yet easily utilized technologies at their onset. the truest ones are proving themselves magnificently

File: 1650060928512.jpeg (825.66 KB, 1170x785, E53DD85D-CD5C-4F07-8324-2….jpeg)

3bd50 No.126[Reply]

I have a little over 5k XRP. Should I just sell now and take a small loss or wait and hope for a moon? I’m more inclined to wait because I’m not needing money at the moment. But need to see some profit in 1-2 years.
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9c0ef No.442

The burn rate can be reduced

9c0ef No.443

We will inherit the earth!

47a51 No.460

The idea for XRP is that it will be the basis of the derivatives market which is in the quadrillions. It will be used to facilitate transfers between banks.

XLM is similar, but for the individual level.

File: 1650806274828.jpg (7.09 KB, 225x225, 2Q==(2).jpg)

4389a No.210[Reply]

Frens, if you have any experience with trading don't hesitate to drop some replies. I never traded before but want to get into it -not in a hurry- if you have any books or websites that would help a noob learn or just your experience in this domain. Thanks frens
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20620 No.454

File: 1652840381509.jpg (17.88 KB, 220x329, 33423o43423.jpg)

never use, is only for losing some money
do NOT start with options, is only for losing a lot of money
dont, the entire stock market is completely fraudulent. those with all the money make the markets, retail investors' trades never even appear on the actual exchanges. Market-Makers are entities that provide liquidity to the exchanges, which means they collect your trades and everyone elses and sort them out ahead of time before sending orders to the exchanges. although there are no rules saying that any of the trades they take in have to be forwarded to the exchanges. Therefore they are able to internalize trades meaning that your buying/selling of any given stock never impacts the price of said stock.
Basically, unless you make the same bets as the big players, you will lose your money.

20620 No.455

>forgot picrel
who is kenneth cordele griffin? What has he lied about?

01647 No.459

>never use
Agreed,if you want to definitely lose money

File: 1651425798676.jpeg (30.26 KB, 525x350, silver.jpeg)

1dfc2 No.295[Reply]

Let see if we can work out who is shilling who or what the actual situation is. Buying silver good idea yes/no frens and why?
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9add5 No.456

>silver, gold
is it edible?

d245f No.458

physical yes. its undervalued right now. wont make you rich but your kids will probably thank you

1914c No.467

>I fell for this meme. I really hope it pays

Never will, it was a FedGov psyop. Sorry you took their bait, fren :(

If you don't mind me asking, what are your "gains" (adjusted for inflation) ?

File: 1649094551300.gif (1.68 MB, 640x480, 1647317085015.gif)

b77de No.21[Reply]

Make sure the core of your portfolio is well diversified, frens. Crypto can be exciting but is volatile.

Few things are comfier than NTSX or 90/10 VTI/VGLT & chill.
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503a8 No.108

File: 1649956304669.png (79.68 KB, 1604x818, CRYPTO CYCLE.png)

It's all about market cap. Bitcoin is huge. there are no 10x with Bitcoin for a long time. So unless you want to at best 2x your stack in the next 2 years, investing in Bitcoin is not going to make you wealthy. Use Bitcoin like a barometer to determine market sentiment, but invest in quality alts once Bitfuck had bottomed. Remember to take profits and not HODL anything when it falls.

694bb No.110

The flippining will come soon.

d391a No.457

thanks for ducks fren

File: 1651353870956.jpg (133.38 KB, 1197x900, Monero Pimp.jpg)

9ff3c No.286[Reply]

I made some Monero making shitty memes for xmrmemes.com, https://xmrmemes.com/user/189.
I'd like to know if there's any good sites for gambling my earnings.

025bc No.453


File: 1652802555532.png (71.93 KB, 675x720, etoro.png)

e5b8e No.448[Reply]

etoro is re-opening LUNA!

f62aa No.451

what are the implications of this anon??

File: 1648767023814.jpeg (277.13 KB, 1322x955, 59CD702D-F41D-4D87-B3B1-9….jpeg)

fbabf No.7[Reply]

Anyone get in early on Terra LUNA?

It’s going to the moon, it might hit ETH prices in the foreseeable future.

Terra stable coins are climbing the charts quickly.

TerraUSD is already #14 on the charts and it’s a fairly new network as a whole.
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d6648 No.425

Get fucked, plebbitors. Your heckin based currency got destroyed in a second.

ad9ff No.435

luna is dropping right now
just throw in like fifty dollars anon if you can afford it
you can make like 500 or wait for a small dip
but don't listen to me im an idiot

679e8 No.450

File: 1652823133837.jpg (40.56 KB, 480x360, 1634571279265.jpg)

Gaze, my brothers, upon this testament to feeble-minded self delusion, and laugh. Laugh! Look upon the irreconcilable madness and self-deception oozing from every single pore of the loonatic baggie as he clutches his worthless prize and screams into the void: "BURN IT!"

"BURNT IT ALL!", he cries, while desperately refreshing CoinMarketCap.

Is he not loathsome? Does not he provoke pity and contempt? Who upon this entire planet is his equal in sheer hubris? For who but a wretch would find sustenance slurping on the financial detritus of greater men? His fantasies of 'making it' are matched only by the heights of greed swirling within the demented psyche of this self-professed 'Lunatic'. He sheds profit like heat off a sun-baked rock, the promise of an untapped FOMO run making him buy high and sell low…

"STACKLETS, ALL OF YOU!" he roars in outrage. "I'VE GOT 50 MILLION LUNA READY TO GO! $100 EOY!"

Madness floods his blood-crazed eyes as he clutches his unwashed robes about him. But his tragedy is *much* deeper, for his is a disease of the *soul* - an envy that eats at him from within, even as she hurls empty threats at a framed picture of Great Leader Do Kwon… "DON'T YOU *DARE* FORK, YOU SLANT-EYED FUCK!"

He stares at the red candles dancing across his monitor, his dreams hinging on a re-pegg that never comes… the crimson flicker illuminating a tiny basement which serves as his dwelling. Half-empty boxes of pizza, and plastic soda bottles litter the place, their silent condemnation the baggie's only company, for no self-respecting man would associate with such a demented individual, and no woman would ever go near him lest he drive her mad with talk of his 'portfolio'.

"TO THE MOON!" he cries for the thousandth time today… "WGMI! CZ WILL SAVE US!"

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