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File: 1656720253876.jpeg (246.04 KB, 400x560, MONEYPEPE.jpeg)

81c7f No.638[Reply]

I will one day be rich. Money comes to me in all different directions. I am a genius. The spirit of Adolf Hitler, Jesus Christ, and Odin are with me.

021ef No.639

Based, wish the best of luck too you on getting rich

File: 1649405540856.jpg (92.19 KB, 762x767, f101jh5x8dz61.jpg)

0a188 No.42[Reply]

Monero is the most based crypto. It is what Satoshi planned to achieve.

So let's discuss Monero here.

Don't forget to mine with p2pool or p2pool mini (if you have an hashrate bellow 10kh/s) to keep the hashrate decentralized.
See here: https://p2pool.io/mini/

Ask if you have a question or need help.

Glory to Monero.

You will be happy, you will have privacy and you will not eat the bugz and live in a pod
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2faa0 No.539

its because banks and hedgefunds are invested in them. they predominately try to own anything that has popular value.

they arent investing in monero as heavily because in general it is an affront to all of their other business investments. although im sure they at least hold some monero.

e1488 No.541

File: 1654450049831.jpg (485.46 KB, 1040x1040, alxex_bog_jones.jpg)

How do I convert monero gains into canadian tire money?

7f029 No.630

File: 1656638947623.jpg (205.16 KB, 1920x2716, -moner-chan-sketch.jpg)

They dropped Canadian Tire dollars for their shitty triangle card. I am seething.

File: 1650387775498.jpg (225.14 KB, 1505x1242, 1615740832866.jpg)

a81f7 No.156[Reply]

What do my fellow /biz/ enthusiasts think? Should the moderators make a separate board called "BTC" or "CC" or "Crypto" or something so that /biz/ can be about small business advice or financial strategies, and /CC/ or /Crypto/ can be a containment board for all the shills to post their pump and dump schemes?
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f49bb No.626

File: 1656627807778.jpg (15.68 KB, 474x247, epic.jpg)

ten thousand percent, yes. please do crypto containment board based mods. Or make this the crypto containment board, and delete the words "business, finance" in the part of the title here, and make sure everyone knows the real biz shit goes into /h/, and add "business, finance" into the title for h. and…maybe soc? if it's the irl board…then that is the place for meetups isn't it? i just don't want to hear about a speculative asset that requires electrical power to even have a chance of being useful, which it currently is not. when i can buy a loaf of bread with crypto, when i can run a business off it, then it can come into the real bizness bred

f49bb No.627

(my loaf of bread requirement should clarify i mean brick and mortar)

2bfd9 No.629

Not enough activity to separate the boards quite yet but when the site grows some more we will definitely consider it

File: 1656608809205.jpg (24.66 KB, 557x560, krisu2.jpg)

6fcfb No.622[Reply]

Give it to me straight.

78e29 No.623

I'll take the b8, no fren. I make over $170k a year and I barely passed high school. Learn a trade. I went to vocational school for electrical.

7fed9 No.624


7f5a6 No.625

Depends what path you are going down.

File: 1655432603146.jpg (128.25 KB, 1000x750, 1653077598751.jpg)

44d65 No.605[Reply]

I'm trying to ride out this Bear Market in a stablecoin until it's safe to buy back in for the highest possible ROI. USDC to the best of my knowledge is fully audited and backed by actual $'s is it the best option to ride out the bear market or is their a better stable coin to hold money in?
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201ec No.618

I'd just hold USD in your account. Swap to tether if you need to move it but otherwise, if it's just sitting your account, tether is risky

87f93 No.620

>hold a hyperinflating currency
>swap to a scam currency with no real attachment to its measure
genius. your intelligence is amazing. you must be super rich. you must have a smoking hot trad wife. you must be demi god. thank you for using the internet today. please dont kys.

fd13f No.621

File: 1656349839167.jpg (151.36 KB, 750x1175, 1655398865287.jpg)

I've spent some time researching this. What I found out:
Tether own a lot of commercial paper and bonds. They don't have all the money at hand.
BUSD is made by Paxos. They have liquid reserves and a dollar for each BUSD token.
Same with USDC.
What I did is sell my Tether and go 50/50 in BUSD and USDC.
Honestly just go to their websites and read their latest reports and make up your choice. Best would be USD but if you need crypto cash quick it's easier to keep some stables.

File: 1648866711477.jpeg (453.67 KB, 1170x1798, 041B254D-0166-4EF6-A2F2-C….jpeg)

d2dd4 No.17[Reply]

Why don’t you have Solana?
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c7aa2 No.573

because it breaks all the time

7bc98 No.574

I had really high hopes for Solana, I'm holding a good amount and im very disappointed

802d8 No.617

Because it's a VC scam that was meant to last a bull market and make insiders rich. It has absolutely nothing in it that makes it a viable long term project: it doesn't scale, it's not decentralized, and way too much supply is held by insiders to ever become credibly neutral infrastructure.

One of the only promising projects out there that has survived multiple bear markets, has been steadily building while learning from other projects' mistakes, and on top of that follows a libertarian vision, is Cardano. CH is one of the few people left that's on our side, taking an active stand against WEF / Schwab / vaccine policy / deplatforming, and refrains from hyping up his project, doesn't tell people supporting other projects to hfsp, and is focused on real world use cases instead of building another ponzi factory.

Ethereum is owned by JP Morgan, in bed with WEF, their tech is years behind due them being unable to iterate while trying to get PoS working. The only reason it's still #2 is because the lizards are pushing it, wanting us to feed more data into our future soulbound shit tokens.

File: 1653263123283.png (126.3 KB, 600x900, cabinet-tmnt1_600x.png)

9eaf2 No.476[Reply]

I've been wanting to make an arcade pub, we serve food (nachos, slushies, pretzels, popcorn, hotdogs, ice cream, snow cones, simple concession foods.) And arcade machines that most are moded arcade 1up with coin slots but some have hard to find games, also Xbox one time limit. Decor is already decided on neon signs.

Other then that, any suggestions or ideas or advice?
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4965b No.594

File: 1655235531746.png (1.21 MB, 1136x639, arcade.png)

He can turn it into an invite-only, private club where you charge dues for access.
This policy works to keep out niggers and other undesirables too.

13c12 No.612

I think arcades were only a thing because the hardware was expensive at the time. Now that everyone has a screen, can get a console system or a PC, there's no real appeal.

Some barcades do well, so you may consider one of those.

af828 No.613

File: 1655766219045.png (64.71 KB, 734x605, 1651434879748.png)

ive seen a couple around. their existence is perplexing. i think its mainly an excuse to have some beer.

File: 1655348862486.gif (1.45 MB, 498x435, chainlink-pepe-the-frog.gif)

888d0 No.603[Reply]

Blackpill time. Most people can barely manage finances. Crypto's complexity makes mass adoption highly improbable. Humanity is just not smart enough to use a decentralized economy.

5364f No.607


It's probably just because it's new.

I think after the big boy coins are established, it'll
be a lot easier to explain to retardos. Besides, many
concepts in normal finance (credit score, credit card
terms, loans, etc.) are way more complex than how some
cryptos work.

40b7e No.609

op is retarded. using and managing crypto is incredibly simple. what people do now with traditional fiat is insanely more complex. most people have no idea what they are signing up for when they open a bank account, apply for a credit card, take out a loan or mortgage, or purchase tax software to file government mandated tax filings.

if anything cryptocurrencies are too simple for people used to such a complex multilayered ponzi scheme known as modern banking.

40b7e No.610

think about it, you probably have to call a person at the bank just to deposit a check if the number of moneys on the check is too big.

your interest rate on your credit card or mortgage is calculated using algorithms you will never know about. interest rates from staking or borrowing crypto are calculated using simple terms of money available versus money already owed.

why the fuck do we have to file taxes? we dont, its just a salt on the wounds of the populace. 'remember your here forever wagie' type sadism.

File: 1655195528043.jpg (160.24 KB, 1241x828, 1638142585878.jpg)

86855 No.586[Reply]

Here I am, here I remain!


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3e67b No.590

fren, I would like to buy it from you at a much higher price, but only if you can help me find a fren that can buy it from me at a higher price than what I paid to you. Thank you fren this has been an interesting TED talk
nigger nigger kike kike

c0286 No.602

File: 1655344188839.gif (768.73 KB, 400x360, 1638018000166.gif)

I'm never selling my BITCOIN

TG hpos10idotcom

d8546 No.604

File: 1655363932743.jpg (2.62 KB, 125x120, 1590566733367s.jpg)

for every dip I am always BUYING! You can't bog me!

File: 1649426440301.png (2.64 KB, 225x225, download.png)

2b667 No.45[Reply]

how do i get my monero to be used on steam or other stores?

76235 No.48

this one is usually recommanded https://coincards.com/ but I dont know if a tea fren can use it. Otherwise, the next best option is to sell xmr for btc/ltc and buy with btc/ltc

85f08 No.601


Steam stopped accepting Bitcoin some years ago, so you'll have to buy Steam Wallet Codes with cryptocurrency instead.

Many stores that sell Steam CD keys accept cryptocurrency as well, so you could buy from them, for a better price than Steam might offer when there's no sale on.

Bitrefill can be used to buy gift cards in the UK, but does not accept Monero, so you'll have to swap to another crypto, like Litecoin, to make your purchase. For more gift card websites, and other crypto websites that aren't using BitPay, check out https://debitpay.directory/gyft/

Also, consider checking out Swapzone.io to find the best rates when swapping between cryptocurrencies. Fixedfloat often has the best rates, but this could change.

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