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3bd50 No.126

I have a little over 5k XRP. Should I just sell now and take a small loss or wait and hope for a moon? I’m more inclined to wait because I’m not needing money at the moment. But need to see some profit in 1-2 years.

646fc No.127

XRP isn't even a crypto currency. It's a centralized token like chainlink. I wouldn't hold it in the first place.

3bd50 No.132

It has so much potential for gains tho.

646fc No.140

How the hell do you figure that? What does it do that eth or an ERC20 token doesn't?

e07e0 No.141

Exactly. No one bothers looking at tokenomics, they just buy.

Look at the market cap, XRP will never be worth more than a couple of bucks.

d2e6d No.142

File: 1650163271200.png (44.81 KB, 1348x429, Screenshot 2022-04-16 2137….png)

Its already hit a high of $3 and then $1 - $2 range. They are still in a lawsuit with the fucking SEC too. That's major clout. They have the financial backing and will power to fight this case.

Also Biden has nominated Michael Barr as the Federal Reserve regulator. He was a Ripple adviser before this.


d2e6d No.143

forgot to click you numbers


fe23e No.160

I’m not really up to speed with the actual technology, the differences, the market, hell I don’t even know what market cap implies. Nor do I care to know unless I was day-trading or having lots of different crypto’s. What matters to me is unhinged autistic pattern recognition and vague information.

Let’s put it together. The fact is XRP has tons of partnerships to companies and banks who openly say they want to work together. There’s the paper that talks about how russian banks has experimented with XRP in 2018. Banks taking a coin serious that isn’t bitcoin has massive implications. What if they were stocking up because they know it’s going to blow up/ become the standard/ the coin for the NWO? Now let’s look at the “nwo” on a surface level. We ALL know that the WEF is involved with it, whether they are stooges or fall guys is irrelevant, what is relevant is that they hold influence both politically and economically and are tied to many politicians. Now let’s go back to russia, putin has been a member of the WEF since 1993. That’s longer then most people into crypto’s have been alive for. Who else is in the WEF? Politicians all over the world, bankers, investors etc. Though they recently removed his page, putin being a member for almost 30 YEARS means something. Who else is a member? Zelensky is.

Now let’s look at the facts
>bitcoin is considered “the best” crypto by most(ly unwaware)
>the WEF is involved in the NWO and openly talks about the great reset
>the WEF doesn’t have a page on bitcoin
>the WEF does have a page on XRP
>Russian banks experimented with XRP
>Russia is part of the WEF
>Russia talked about “backing the ruble”
is it starting to make sense yet?

fe23e No.161

-This all is beyond the spoopy number stuff, the constant riddles, symbology in old economic magazines and even the symbology in the coin itself. Let’s look at the letter X, very simple, there’s a upside and a downside that mirror, 2 “triangles” (-the bottom), what else has 2 triangles a certain star of a certain country, what else does this relate to? Up and down, as above so below, you must realize that the people in charge LOVE this type of stuff. They don’t have to care how “good the technology” is ,they don’t have to care whether the reputation is ruined, they don’t even have to care if it turns a profit. Once you reach their level, money is just a meaningless number that has no relevance to you, power, that’s what it’s about. Bad technology? Throw money at it till it “improves”. Bad reputation? Pay people to say good things so the public believes them. No profit? Easy, get your lobbies to subsidize the company or just pay out the pocket because your passive income is more then they can earn in 500 years. It’s all about the symbols, all about the rituals, all about the meaning.

If this IS the NWO coin, then all other coins are going to get the shaft and turn from 0,01 value to 0,0010 value if not abolished outright. It sure would be a shame if you panic sold your xrp because they don’t want goys to hold the coins and be the sole owner and dominator of this new untapped market. Think what it actually means. They already own the money printers, now they don’t even have to use paper, just type a bunch of shit in a computer and then say it’s worth 1000 a coin and pump it till it’s 10000, invent some scandal and cash out. Easy. Now mr shekelburg is asking you how you are going to pay for your debt because you got rugpulled. But no worries he’a willing to forget 50% of it if you just sell him the swath of land you inherited, isn’t he nice?

aef02 No.192

I genuinely think this is a good project OP. It just has had the roughest time because of this obviously corrupt lawsuit that is now being dragged to december of this year and early 2023. It's so disgusting it's making me lose faith in it but I know it's just fud.
You will definitely see profit in 1-2 years specially since xrp will blow up once this lawsuit ends.
I have 3k xrp but Im willing to wait since it would make me a lot of money as a poorfag.

646fc No.196

I’m not really up to speed with the actual technology, the differences, the market, hell I don’t even know what market cap implies. Nor do I

In other words you got scammed. Pattern recognition won't work here because the underlying asset is fundamentally different.

c2f7d No.257

transfer value in seconds, for pennies? XRP is purpose-built for cross border payments pretty much, or rather the XRP Ledger of which XRP is the native currency. it does this one thing very very well.

ETH/ERC20 coins are different, EVM is a smart contract platform. That's what Flare is going to be.

c2f7d No.258

File: 1651153959842.png (37.99 KB, 681x382, 1650952665307.png)

don't sell now, just hold. this lawsuit won't take as long as everyone's saying it will. right now XRP is being used on private ledger by banks and corporations at a really big scale, including its On-Demand Liquidity product. But since it's all happening on private ledgers it doesn't affect the price. Once the lawsuit ends then they can connect the private ledgers to the public ledger and start transacting value between entities (for example, between banks or nations). That's when the price is going to increase quickly in one of the biggest green candles ever seen on any chart. Or that's the story anyway.

Happy to see fellow schizos found the new site. Jannies keep banning me on /biz/ idk why

c2f7d No.266

this is a good post i agree

c2f7d No.306

where my schizos at

aef02 No.324

We should make a general here, but I think a lot about xrp has already been talked about. I've only been holding for a year but I would like to break the thread's hymen again ;)

aef02 No.325

Jannies banned me for posting about xrp and about other random shit and because of copypastas
it's really a shit site now and this is a good site given how young it is

387c9 No.327

I just explained this to my Dad that's holding XRP and thinks it's some moonshot. I would get rid of it. Look at the tokenomics, max XRP supply is 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion). My opinion is that it will never go above $3. If XRP were to go to say, $20 it would account for $2,000,000,000,000 (two trillion) of the crypto market.

I never see that happening.

Max BTC supply for instance is 21,000,000 (twenty-one million). At today's current price, it's fully diluted market cap would be $753 billion.

ETH max supply is 120,658,673 (120 million), fully diluted market cap is $327 billion.

You have to ask yourself when looking at a token/coin: at the max supply, can I realistically ever seeing this token reaching X value or taking up X share of the crypto market?

I could be wrong but my gut tells me XRP will never make up $2 trillion of the crypto market. It'll likely settle at $2 and max out at $3-4 (if it's use is adopted by banks). Just my opinion though.

646fc No.328

The problem with tokens is that the rules are completely mutable while coins need the new fork to be popular in order to change the rules.

c2f7d No.340

i think there is a demand for new chans because the other altchans are dead and 4chan is becoming unusable due to the flood of glowing shills/bots

c2f7d No.341

XRP is partnered with central banks and a majority of the 100 biggest banks solving the payments problem by reducing friction (fees and long settlement time) which is itself a multi-trillion dollar value. but once it's the global neutral bridge currency between CBDCs, and potentially (combined with a smart contract platform like flare) the multilateral clearing mechanism for securities and derivatives as well, along with payments arising from the new industries created by digital currency and micropayments/streaming payments etc, many many trillions of dollars will be flowing through the XRPL. also small bits of XRP get burned with every transaction which won't be much but if billions of transactions are going through the network every day, then it could add up in a decade or two.

899b7 No.357

No, the SEC bullshit isn't even over. So far, it's going in XRP's favour. Wait until it concludes.

899b7 No.360

I got my Songbird airdrop, waiting for my Sparkies. Did I miss any other airdrops?

aef02 No.369

marketcap means nothing admin

c2f7d No.416

for a while lots of projects were doing airdrops but you didn't miss anything important. i ended up losing thousands of dollars on Songbird and the XRPL trustline casino so you're lucky you "missed out" on those things

9c0ef No.440

I hold 70,000 XRP
Cap doesn't matter. It will all get slurped by whales, nation states, or the people

9c0ef No.441

Why trust a message like this when the money supply of the USD has quintuppled within the last 3 years
Your BRRRRRR makes XRP look like a great alt

9c0ef No.442

The burn rate can be reduced

9c0ef No.443

We will inherit the earth!

47a51 No.460

The idea for XRP is that it will be the basis of the derivatives market which is in the quadrillions. It will be used to facilitate transfers between banks.

XLM is similar, but for the individual level.

1638c No.526

Anon, I am not up on XRP, but I tell you one thing. Investing in anything the WEF is involved in is a losing proposition. There is no way they would back a technology unless they had a way of tracing everyone who holds it, could cancel your account at will and confiscate assets for wrongthink.
This is why they hate BTC and XMR in particular.
Remember - with jews, you lose.

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