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File: 1656630686464.png (13.98 KB, 300x250, gj4ArGMRmj-10.png)

61cac No.337[Reply]

i started physical therapy a month ago to help with pain from an old injury. since having started the PT, I have pulled my lower back muscles a few times and my left trap area has been super sore basically since I started the exercises. is my body vulnerable to this soreness because i am building new muscle? i am now in more pain than before I started PT. so confused and angry, pls help.

94845 No.338

back injuries are caused because your back muscles are too weak. do back exercises everyday until your back is strong.

61cac No.339

if my physical therapist gives me back exercises, i will do them. im not 100% sure i am injured or if it is normal DOMS

File: 1650216253116.jpg (125.8 KB, 640x718, 1643000821905.jpg)

7ca50 No.6[Reply]

80 hours in. Feels good, bros.

A little light headed but perfect for manic shitposting.
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86c80 No.251

> fasting for a week straight certainly did something to my appetite
Low carb high fat eating for a week with IFasting peaking at 20 hours had a serious affect on my appetite.
I still feel hunger, weakly and briefly; it's a quiet signal that doesn't repeat, easy to ignore. I feel this is natural, and what most people think is "hunger" is severe "carbohydrate addiction" and unstable blood sugar.

b7454 No.303

At about 41h now, aiming for 72h. Hunger comes and goes, the biggest struggle is me wanting to taste something again. Helped a friend move furniture today, I definitely felt weaker physically but overall my mind is a lot clearer.

83614 No.336

You can cheat it by touching water with your skin. Go swim in the local creek, or run your hand through water or something. Your body can absorb water through the skin. You can also inhale water.
When I fast for more than a day I start to enjoy the sensation of not eating more than the sensation of eating. But when I start eating my appetite comes back after a few bites of anything. I'm convinced at this point that we need to spend just as much time not eating as we do eating.

File: 1656262471070.jpg (479.06 KB, 2000x1500, 0b1.jpg)

8b582 No.328[Reply]

Frens, I really want to become stronger so I've been lifting for a month now and I haven't seen any differences on myself. But when I run, my distance and speed improved a lot. What should I do? Does my body have a problem or something?
>pic related
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8b582 No.332

I'm not sure about how much but I do eat meat during lunch or dinner everyday

93027 No.333

You need to higher the amount of weight you are lifting every couple weeks, thats how the muscles grow in my experiance.

416bd No.335

you need to spend some time tracking and weighing your food and do the math to see how much protein you are consuming in an average day and make sure you're eating enough
if you don't eat enough protein, your body can't make new muscle

File: 1655878507310.jpg (137.4 KB, 1200x675, chad.jpg)

7b4d5 No.322[Reply]

How do I get my younger relatives to workout?

91789 No.323

do exercises and flex in front of them. normie see; normie do

2560f No.334

I literally just tell them they will be sexier if they do exercise, works fine…. Well I also always call them fat if they decide to eat dessert so to prove to me that they areant fat they sometimes join me in the gym kek, you need a good relation ship with them for that to happen though.

File: 1655863417619.jpg (559.18 KB, 2123x1415, construction-worker9.jpg)

f5a0a No.311[Reply]

How fit do i need to be? Any lifts in the gym help to prepare or should i just do cardio? Any advice for the job site?
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39607 No.324

are you in a city or small town?

39607 No.325

yea avoid sugary drinks and stick to water

a1c15 No.327

I don’t know which line of work you’re doing but construction is the right place to be in this market. I personally wasn’t too fit going in my construction job. I started working weighing 140 pounds and I can only manage like 7 pull ups or so. I managed perfectly fine so as long as you put in your best effort, you’ll be good. The most important thing is showing up on time. I make it a point to always be 20-5 minutes early and your supervisor will notice after awhile. Just stay consistent with your workout and diet and refrain from Gatorade until you have a full day shoveling outside basically.

File: 1656194326744.png (117.16 KB, 768x480, Sans titre.png)

6fa30 No.326[Reply]

i got george floyd on my back and did 40 squats
who can beat it

File: 1655736985988.png (796.87 KB, 857x479, Screenshot_5.png)

dc263 No.307[Reply]

ok frens I have contracted the chinese spikey boys. Frens that have had this new strain, advice on how you got over it? This fatigue is kicking my ass.

inb4 experimental gene therapy
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d67c4 No.309

I feel you OP. About 10 days ago my joints started to hurt like hell, then I developed a ton of flu symptoms. I thought it was the flu for a while except that I've also lost my sense of taste

From what I understand the flu and covid are almost completely identical except covid destroys your sense of taste. So it seems as though I've finally caught this bullshit after all these years. I was skeptical it even existed until this point

1e6f1 No.318

File: 1655867382154-0.png (568.82 KB, 1511x1069, slide_1.png)

File: 1655867382154-1.png (684.66 KB, 1515x1069, slide_2.png)

File: 1655867382154-2.png (653.25 KB, 1513x1071, slide_3.png)

>advice on how you got over it?
It really ain't too bad. The body aches suck but it's manageable, just get a good amount of rest and keep eating, especially healthy stuff like spinach, your body needs nutrients to fight it. Force yourself to eat.

I managed to get over it with just an antibiotic (doxycycline, once it became a respiratory infection.)

However, there are also treatments involving steroids (like Prednisone) and antihistamines (like Promethazine) if you develop day 8 breathlessness. There was a doctor in South Africa who successfully treated thousands of patients with a special protocol. An Aussie gov official interviewed him, there is a video floating around the web. But the news of this treatment protocol was drowned out by (((the mainstream media))) at the behest of the (((federal government))) and (((pharma industry))).

The dosages will be dependent on your body weight and you probably can't get most of these meds without an RX. If your doctor is based, he may be willing to try this out. The justification is that these medications (especially the Promethazine) are technically on-label use if you are treating allergic reaction / hypersensitivity pneumonitis. So it's not illegal or without good justification. The viral debris accumulates in your lungs and causes inflammation and scarring so by taking the steroid and the antihistamine you can avoid breathlessness and recover faster.

You will be alright fren. Hang in there!

1e6f1 No.319

>From what I understand the flu and covid are almost completely identical except covid destroys your sense of taste.

I usually lose sense of taste/smell when I get sick with a cold or flu. I've read that it's due to a lack of zinc, so eating foods rich in zinc or even zinc supplements will help you get your senses back faster, it works for me anyway.

File: 1653995901665.jpeg (332.81 KB, 1218x2208, E5C6204B-9748-4B1D-984A-9….jpeg)

ef621 No.287[Reply]

Hi lads, what body fat percentage do you think I am? Also is my structure good for bodybuilding?

939b0 No.288

8c1ab No.314


8c1ab No.315

File: 1655865132380.jpg (245.01 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220621-193116….jpg)

File: 1652929408871.jpg (15.37 KB, 620x439, WeightedGeorgeFloyds.jpg)

55a86 No.245[Reply]

Do you do weighted george floyds on leg day?

3bae1 No.247

File: 1652979053136.jpg (12.6 KB, 392x392, J7hK0tks_400x400.jpg)

Well yes, how could you tell?

f3b37 No.252

>weighted George floyds
Top kek anon…i just got back from the gym.. im going tomorrow and will definitely do these.
Thanks for the laugh and motivation

3bbf8 No.310

Yes. Reversed bc I can't stand fentanyl floyd's face.

File: 1653407199566.png (271.33 KB, 925x694, 4-phones___09125538002.png)

db830 No.272[Reply]

What's your favorite app for tracking workouts and muscle recovery? I'm thinking about buying Fitbod but not sure if it's worth the money. What do frens recommend?

568bc No.277

stronglifts, 100%

29fc2 No.304

I've been using a fitbit to help me diet and lose weight. I'm down thirty pounds. They work well enough as long as you keep up with the data input. Some of the new ones can also track blood oxygenation, with is neat.
So yes, I recommend fitbits because they have worked for me and my wife, but it's worth noting that they are not magic bullets for being healthy.

749de No.306

love fitbod

use USO on fitbod.me/rdeem for $$$

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