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File: 1683660232417.png (832.26 KB, 1800x700, cyber_crime.png)

ad467 №.3495[Reply]

Only cyber threats and actual tech news, archive everything.

Golden rule;

Do not post anything about the technology for consuming, for instance, new NVIDIA came out the price is … , New amazing Iphone here are some great new features you'll get …. you get the point.
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5e247 №.3804

File: 1684950669044.jpg (195.07 KB, 950x634, kim.jpg)

The US Department of the Treasury sanctioned four entities and one individual for their role in cyber operations conducted by North Korea.

The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced sanctions against four entities and one individual for their role in malicious cyber operations conducted to support the government of North Korea.

“The DPRK conducts malicious cyber activities and deploys information technology (IT) workers who fraudulently obtain employment to generate revenue, including in virtual currency, to support the Kim regime and its priorities, such as its unlawful weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs.” reads the announcement. [https://archive.ph/I2My9]

The sanctioned entities conducted operations to steal funds to support the military strategy of the regime.

In December 2022, South Korea’s spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, estimated [https://archive.ph/FQkUB] that North Korea-linked threat actors have stolen an estimated 1.5 trillion won ($1.2 billion) in cryptocurrency and other virtual assets in the past five years.

According to the spy agency, more than half the crypto assets (about 800 billion won ($626 million)) have been stolen this year alone, reported the Associated Press.

The NIS added that more than 100 billion won ($78 million) of the total stolen funds came from South Korea.

Cyber security and intelligence experts believe that attacks aimed at the cryptocurrency industry will continue to increase next year. National Intelligence Service experts believe that North Korea-linked APT groups will focus on the theft of South Korean technologies and confidential information on South Korean foreign policy and national security.
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2e184 №.2434[Reply]

>the USA turned on the Great Firewall over the weekend
>no one noticed
>can't post about it on 4/pol/
>get instantly banned
>can't talk about it on any normalfag /tech/ website
>none of the smaller imageboards are discussing it

Everyone that used to fight for data freedom is on payroll now or behind bars and it makes me incredibly sad.
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01ced №.3351

Null already subverted them, I can access it on the clear net just fine.

36221 №.3352

Eh, Kiwifarms is not a Troon safespace.
They have an entire subforum dedicated to laughing at them, and I see dangerously based posts go totally unbanned from there.

You saying Null has been involved in Troon Antics?

Or are you just throwing the term around over-liberally?

70573 №.3924

File: 1686023440244.jpg (1.73 MB, 1800x5627, KiwiFaggots mods.jpg)

KiwiFaggots is infested by wannabe troons. The people there even openly talk about it. There is no larger collection of idiots on the web. Supporting them just makes you look retarded.

File: 1666884197387.png (4.3 KB, 380x233, logo_graphene.png)

71aed №.2404[Reply]

Anyone here running GrapheneOS on their phone? It is supposed to be the most secure and privacy centric Android OS available, disabling all Google services out of the box. The Google Store (online) is running a promo right now for $150 off the Pixel 6a, bringing it down to $299. I ordered one and plan to install GrapheneOS on it this weekend. Anyone have tips, tricks or other alternate OS's they can recommend?

For those unfamiliar: https://grapheneos.org/
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ONION №.3921

I know for a fact that these fasteners would never have been developed were it not for niggers.

Think about it: a team of engineers had to design an intentionally uncommon, easy to strip and hard to use screw head so that niggers would be incapable of stealing appliances from public spaces.

73b95 №.3922

he's no longer a dev

ONION №.3923

File: 1685995806398.png (194.59 KB, 1302x1816, Screenshot_20230605_220536.png)

All those meme Android clones only work on specific few models like flagship Pixel devices.
I am not paying that much for a fucking phone.

Currently i got the low-end Samsung A13, rooted it with Magisk and removed all trash including all things from google. I document in an markdown file what i changed.
And that's it, talking about all the alternatives you need to replace google shit (like F-Droid and Aurora store) is a different subject.
I like the concept of Magisk because you can write your own Modules so you can recreate everything with minimal effort (needed if you ever Upgrade the ROM).

File: 1685792787517.png (2.59 KB, 344x147, Untitled.png)

ONION №.3888[Reply]

It's the future.
After KDE migrated and multiple distros got used to it as IRC replacement, it is here to stay. It's not some obscure thing that might vanish anymore. Large OpenSource communities actually back it.

It also creates a nice noise. If you have matrix installed or advertise matrix to someone, you can refer to it as a platform used by OpenSource developers.
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ONION №.3915


97cb8 №.3918

Which client are you all using or which one do you recommend for Android? Don't know which one is the most reliable as I had some problems with notifications on Element.

ONION №.3919

Element for phone.
Element if used in browser.
And for desktop i use nheko.

FluffyChat is also very actively developed and has desktop and mobile and browser client. But it looks questionable. I don't get what their goal is, being as gay and questionable as possible?

File: 1685796688638.jpg (856.24 KB, 1920x1080, s.jpg)

236bf №.3889[Reply]

I need suggestions on what soystemd-free distro to hop to.

Printer support is very important as is having access to a package manager GUI (e.g. Discover or Gnome Software). Would prefer if it came included with the Cinnamon Desktop but I could easily install it, also wouldn't mind KDE. Up to date packages would be nice but not if it costs stability.
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5881c №.3913

Is it true that certain computer or laptop models now make it difficult or impossible to load linux on? I want to get a new computer solely for linux but dont want to get gypped.

ONION №.3916

>package manager GUI
Don't do it!
They all suck!

ONION №.3917

File: 1684945162824.png (7.74 KB, 236x310, briar_logo_large.png)

ONION №.3792[Reply]

I love Telegram as much as the next guy, but Briar seems to be better for our guys, especially since the communication over the internet is done via Tor automatically and doesn't require a phone number. Since Telegram requires a phone number and doesn't enable E2EE automatically it looks like Briar is better off the bat.

I don't have a chat to shill for or anything, I'm just curious why Briar has caught on more or if there's some lore that I'm missing.
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c13a3 №.3906

File: 1685891484788.png (176.92 KB, 305x311, vonbraun.png)

I've been asking myself the same thing for years. I prefer Matrix but Briar is good.

Most people are technology retards, including our guys. It's been frustrating me for years. I can't convince anyone to move to Matrix or Briar.

There's the issue of the network effect. Somehow everyone got onto telegram thinking it was private (it wasn't) and now everyone is there and won't leave.

7f909 №.3909

I'd figure Mumble's alright. It's got good linux compatibility. What's the issue with Mumble? What about IIRC?

7f909 №.3910

Okay I jumped the gun there, you cannot set up your own Mumble server, you gotta pay for them to host it. In other words, spying.

File: 1658348191582.png (26.87 KB, 1600x1600, c.png)

33109 №.1676[Reply]

Since no such thread exists I will make one.

What are you currently working on, frens?
Which languages do you know/use? Also programming in general.

I will start:
I'm currently making a webinterface for MPD written in PHP/VanillaJS. I would love to write more in C but I just don't have any ideas on what to do with it.
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caf0b №.3565

I am working on a 2D game in C++ & SFML, and a music player in Rust, I want to check out Tauri. Also, learning haskell.
me too :)

ONION №.3566

File: 1684112631882.gif (958.53 KB, 400x480, perl.gif)

I've been writing Perl for more than 25 years now. Some of the Perl modules I created have been lectured about at conferences and a few are included in the Debian repos. Just started learning Python. I dabble with C and C++. Went to learn Rust but I refuse to cut my dick off and I like firearms so it turns out I'm mutually exclusive with it. To learn Python I started working on some AI stuff with Torch.

f7575 №.3908

lmao what is there to talk about? Uhhh yeah, loops and conditionals… compilers, am I right? OOP, more like poop, am I right, fellas?

File: 1651204357668.jpg (643.23 KB, 2560x2010, Nadav-Kander-The-Polygon-N….jpg)

5c923 №.795[Reply]

Every year I give it another try, and about 40 minutes later I remember why I gave up the previous year. How does anyone get anything done in this garbage system? Let me tell you a story:
>be me
>try proxmox this year as my self-imposed suffering, since I'm moving shit to a new machine anyways
>must be better than hyper-v because everyone talks about it
>install, finish, can access web dialogue from other computer
>that means it's working.jpg
>disconnect monitor, bring downstairs, plug in power and extra hard drives
>turn on, no network, no nothing, FUCK
>connect to another monitor
>90 minutes of fucking around later, discover it was the HDMI port I used, it wanted VGA
>well, fuck you too
>still don't know why the network shit itself for no reason
>create containers, because cool kids use them instead of actual VMs
containers are kind of like VMs, but they piggy back off of the host kernel to save resources
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7d173 №.3903

Switch distros. They're not all gay.

ONION №.3904

The kernel itself is becoming gayer, even the "non-gay" distros are becoming gay. Lennart Poettering won, Mozilla trannies won, we lost.

f1b1a №.3905

>just use an obscure distro with even more obscure userland that barely works or has any support
yeah no thanks
and at the end of the day i'd still have to deal with the dumpster fire that is called GTK
everything in linux is turning into some crippled soydev android shit

File: 1685468803401.png (35.05 KB, 749x435, crab.png)

ONION №.3830[Reply]

What are the troon ramifications of a fork of Rust that is tired of the bullshit coming down from the organization in charge of it? https://crablang.org/

ONION №.3833

Doesn't matter, Rust is cancer, takes decades to compile anything.

d2a20 №.3885

You should write in C or C++. Rust is unjustifiable unless directly instructed to use it by your managers

ONION №.3887

How can you even fork a language?
They forked a compiler? How does this change anything.

File: 1676874031729.jpeg (154.5 KB, 1080x698, 395654F0-F351-432D-B2D3-9….jpeg)

39bf0 №.2944[Reply]

How can I get rid of systemd completely. I use MX Linux but somehow when I see processes like /lib/systemd/systemd-login / systemd-udev this means systemd is running right?
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74209 №.3564

File: 1684098159935.webm (1.15 MB, 640x360, terry_leadership_and_char….webm)

fd17e №.3599

Guys im being gangstalked now. Help me

8eb02 №.3886

File: 1685766987349.jpeg (45.49 KB, 602x500, BB4E21FC-4CA3-451B-A239-D….jpeg)

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