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File: 1655310011218.png (193.2 KB, 1600x903, GenerateKeyNoUploadKeyserv….png)

04407 No.697[Reply]

Hello frens I wanted to make a thread on how to send PGP encrypted emails with most common email providers. Most of us want secure email but if you wanna send secure messages in a nonsecure email like gmail for instance. They still wont be able to decrypt your message meaning with the proper opsec you can turn any email into a private one. Lets start with the extension.

What is Mailvelope?

Mailvelope is a tool that works in Firefox or Chrome to facilitate end-to-end encrypted email. When you send an end-to-end encrypted email, that means that only you and your contact can read your messages, and no one else — not your email provider, your contact’s email provider, or any network snoopers.

Mailvelope makes sending and receiving end-to-end encrypted email on your computer simple: Sign in to your existing email service from your web browser, compose an encrypted message in Mailvelope’s integrated browser experience, and click “Send.”

Like any other tool that encrypts your email content, Mailvelope won’t protect the metadata of your messages from other parties. Some actors may have the ability to see information like when you sent a message, who it was addressed to, the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the devices involved, and more.

If you must use email for private correspondence, however, Mailvelope is an appropriate choice for those who are just getting started with end-to-end encryption in email on their computer. Mailvelope won’t work on mobile browsers, similar to the majority of traditional email encryption tools.

Follow this guide on how to install the extension and how to configure your keys to start: https://mailvelope.com/en/help#installation

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9e0a0 No.786

Always remember: posters saying that backdoors mean you should give up are feds. Always protect yourself if you can. Worst case ontario, you waste the feds' time, which is a good thing.
based gypsy, thanks for the effortposting
Someone made a gr8 post of 4troons a while back
they discuss setting it up as an extension to MS outlook, which would be compatible with this. They also talked a bit about types of ciphers, and why >>713 is a fucking retard and le heckin protonmail is fucking stupid boomerbait.
I use the system that the 4troons post talks about. I would recommend it to people with parents who aren't great with tech, because once you set it up, it just works without too much gayness.

File: 1649980931798.png (357.2 KB, 666x666, 32.png)

2bf2f No.111[Reply]

Haskell and ASM is all you need.
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8e3a8 No.432

File: 1652741514475.webm (2.61 MB, 853x480, 1631565470580.webm)

For me, it's Rust and a Dilator.

34a26 No.439

I sometimes use python when I'm lazy and don't wanna code web sockets from the ground-up

bee2d No.851

C with some inline assembly is just enough.

File: 1651204357668.jpg (643.23 KB, 2560x2010, Nadav-Kander-The-Polygon-N….jpg)

c60a9 No.306[Reply]

Every year I give it another try, and about 40 minutes later I remember why I gave up the previous year. How does anyone get anything done in this garbage system? Let me tell you a story:
>be me
>try proxmox this year as my self-imposed suffering, since I'm moving shit to a new machine anyways
>must be better than hyper-v because everyone talks about it
>install, finish, can access web dialogue from other computer
>that means it's working.jpg
>disconnect monitor, bring downstairs, plug in power and extra hard drives
>turn on, no network, no nothing, FUCK
>connect to another monitor
>90 minutes of fucking around later, discover it was the HDMI port I used, it wanted VGA
>well, fuck you too
>still don't know why the network shit itself for no reason
>create containers, because cool kids use them instead of actual VMs
containers are kind of like VMs, but they piggy back off of the host kernel to save resources
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c59a8 No.844

how would you effectively prevent the code being shared like a bitch after one dude buys it?

deda5 No.847

Well that's the purpose of copyright law. And if it does turn out to be really bad you just close the source indefinitely and go the normal proprietary route.

4c15f No.850

you dont have enough customer base to survive. do it minecraft style. have an "official" version, let people tinker, you're paying for the "official" status and maintenance of it. I think if big companies use copyrighted software we can too. the big problem is those companies do gay shit and shit on the little guy. i wouldnt advocate for open source if the roles were reversed, any our people deserve to be compensated for their work at least up to the market value of the labor, but ideally more. proprietary? go for it. we need power. money is power. take the machiavelli pill. do what is necessary. godspeed.
>if linux mint "just worked" i would be using it RIGHT NOW see my whining at >>759

File: 1650718322857.jpg (33.06 KB, 474x416, hacknigger.jpg)

54d4f No.238[Reply]

so, we are encouraged on this site to use tor and vpns to stay anonymous.

but it's hard to really be anonymous on here.

the glowniggers can analyze your writing style, the time you write it at, how long your sentences are, frequent mistakes etc etc and make corelations and draw connecitons to your other online activities and find out who you are.

i don't think we're really anonymous. i think the feds automatically monitor (especially) the altchans for this to at least attach pseudonyms to posts and behaviour.

However, i thought of a way with which you might circumvent that.

get some other fag to rewrite your message. send him that, and in his own words he'll convey what you wanted to say.

ofc you need private and secure messaging channels for that. And frens.

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c349e No.820

> I no longer care about anonymity.
I'm with you, no vpn; democrats and republicans should be executed for crimes against humanity. If they want me to not say what I do, they can shoot me in the head.
When it was declared that merely saying the word "nigger" or "kike" or "faggot" was forbidden and made you a bad person, I made a point of using those words for no good reason around people I know.
I have no fear of people I care about finding out I'm a wrongthinker that thinks calling 'people' faggot nigger kike on basketweaving forums is a funny way to let of steam; I already told them myself.

I've already said my prayers; they were a request for divine wrath to descend on humanity for it's sins; with the assumption that I was a sinner to be smitten as well.
I don't fear dying, I fear living when I should have died standing for the truth.

6b182 No.822

File: 1656200687478.gif (1.34 MB, 640x360, 1651683807133-0.gif)

>based tirade

843ae No.846

what i do is just deliberately change my writing style

i hope thats enough, but at this point i dont care

i think that our "fringe" beliefs will become increasingly mainstream over the next few years, and so there will be less need for anonymity

even if that doesnt happen, i dont have the patience to go balls deep into opsec just to post on imageboards when im not posting anything illegal

i use tor and i dont visit these sites on clearnet browsers

File: 1652396297884.png (284.66 KB, 1280x720, mafia apu.png)

dc01e No.412[Reply]

I've used ZoneAlarm Extreme Security for a while and it's been great. Gives me a lot of control over the programs on my computer and whether I will let them get internet access a lot. I've heard Bitdefender and Kaspersky are very good too.
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adbdd No.832

kaspersky (idk for linux)

ufw for linux

dbca2 No.833


a9ae3 No.845

ufw is nice for incoming but restricting outgoing connnections with it can be a bit tedious
for restricting outgoing i would recommend either opensnitch or a tomoyo profile that just restricts networking (if you don't have time and patience for creating a full profile)

File: 1656156350446.jpg (156.68 KB, 790x767, 1656057983544.jpg)

95579 No.811[Reply]

Guys, I was working on a client pc that has win11 and it had an anne frank ad in the fucking search in windows. Wtf. It was only there for a brief moment then gone again. It tried searching for it but nothing. Not sure if I imagined it, but w11 is kiked and cursed
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9b0d8 No.823

>put it with it to play vidya
thats all its for.

0ff5d No.840

>Wtf. It was only there for a brief moment then gone again
>anon's computer gets haunted by subliminal pictures of anne frank
Weirdest creepypasta I've heard.

3d74f No.843

File: 1656552816478.jpg (41.32 KB, 640x587, 1656446292256.jpg)

are they fucking proud of their bloat now? the absolute state…

File: 1653232890477.jpg (139.4 KB, 1200x800, 1600070732_online-privacy-….jpg)

7c19d No.453[Reply]

Online privacy has come under increasing scrutiny, in light of growing concerns about websites and services tracking your internet activity and sourcing them to authorities. It is important for you to do everything in your power to minimize your digital footprint online. Not only is this important to reduce your risk of being tracked by state-backed entities, but maintaining good cyber hygiene is a great habit to develop in general.

Many newfrens ask which browser is best to use for privacy online, so in this post we will focus on web browsers only. While Tor Browser is thought to be the safest, many would prefer not to browse the internet over Tor’s excruciatingly slow nodes, so Tor Browser is excluded from recommendations in this post. To appease most normal consumers, we will focus on browsers designed for surfing the clearweb on a basic Windows or Linux machine.

Since this thread focuses on browsers only, we will assume that you are using a VPN in conjunction with your browser. We will also assume that you have a basic understanding of how websites work, that you turn off all cookie access in your browser (including third party cookie tracking) and do not give unnecessary access to your location. A deeper dive into browser privacy settings could be an entirely new thread of it’s own.
Based on our assumptions above, here are three recommendations for web browsers, including the pros and cons for each:

Mozilla Firefox
✓ Open-source
✓ Highly customizable privacy settings
✓ Lightweight

Firefox is the only browser on this list that is developed by a nonprofit organization, Mozilla. The browser is well known for its customizability and has long been a favored alternative to browsers developed by Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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02ab2 No.834

use librewolf for clearnet, its a firefox fork with even more privacy

266e6 No.838

I think brave browser is a Little bit underrated.
It has big amount of privacy features enabled by default.

557d6 No.839

Especially in combo with a VPN, Mullvad website says Firefox is the only browser you can properly disable WebRTC with

File: 1656447822314.png (7.67 KB, 314x133, maxpasswordlength.png)

c2ade No.837[Reply]

so there seems to be a max length on passwords is it to stop certain vulnerabilities or just for people to have short passwords

File: 1656054847388.png (290.32 KB, 1000x1000, ezgif-5-df05536618.png)

fa20c No.805[Reply]

Mi finally moving to android from iphone

9fb21 No.806

What convinced you to switch?

af67f No.835

stock android fucking sucks btw

58db0 No.836

custom roms don't

File: 1653889518704.png (11.11 KB, 400x400, thinking.png)

a3317 No.546[Reply]

Frens, are pirated VPNs good idea to use? I'm a poorfag android user so I need to protect myself somehow
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bdc62 No.745

I have this theory that

af5d5 No.755

Testing too

98591 No.830


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