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File: 1649208534014.jpg (351.27 KB, 1024x781, 1024px-Operation_Dragoon_-….jpg)

1073a No.29[Reply]

Post a historical event that everyone has forgotten about because it doesn't appear in any Hollywood movies, television shows or Netflix adaptations.

I'll start:

Operation Overlord, which included the D-Day invasion of Normandy, took place on June 6th 1944. Five weeks later, on August 15th, the Allies began Operation Dragoon and began a second set of amphibious landings along the southern coast of France around Provence. The allied forces who landed there established a beachhead then pushed north through the Rhone valley to Dijon. After a battle there with the Axis they then pushed further north to the Vosges mountain range where they linked up with the forces from Normandy.
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d4a32 No.180

Adolf Stoecker started the Christian Social Workers Party in 1878 in Germany. The platform was very similar to the natsoc platform, except with an overtly christian bent, as he was previously Bismarck's chaplain. He was the first "right wing" socialist in Germany. He was based and redpilled.

76a6a No.188

Orpheuchus, the Serpent, is the constellation representing the 13th month. Motherfucker could have just decreed that it is now a dragon and everything would have been peachy.

4bd1b No.190

File: 1652281484528-0.png (557.02 KB, 750x623, car.png)

File: 1652281484528-1.png (284.63 KB, 640x480, frogg3.png)

>the most successful russian govt official in 1000 years, (the people loved him and his land reform was huge) stolypin was assassinated after numerous attempts, in 1911.
it hurts to read how much Russia was becoming better under Stolypin or Nicky in general

File: 1650533024837.jpg (229.55 KB, 1200x1200, 2789.jpg)

8a5f2 No.131[Reply]

Who's your favorite Roman emperor
For me it's either Marcus Aurelius or Augustus
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c6243 No.145

File: 1650652327677.jpg (44.15 KB, 489x604, 1593625440614.jpg)

b4adb No.146

File: 1650652979547.jpg (430.55 KB, 820x1024, AEG3WE4G3WEG3WGA3WEG4RYT4G….jpg)

75387 No.189

File: 1652128347625.jpg (15.5 KB, 292x257, 6M.jpg)

No wonder (((schools))) don't teach much about him except for his wall in Britain. You should post this in >>29 .

File: 1652017456497-0.png (1.16 MB, 960x960, resim_2022-05-08_164341355.png)

57e8f No.185[Reply]

and why is it done?
i was gonna post this on 4trans but i saw they rangeblocked my ip

f3a47 No.186

File: 1652025962110.jpg (35.29 KB, 512x512, 1568840109543.jpg)

>how common is mass rape during wartime?
don't know
>and why is it done?
to sexually humiliate (i.e. cuck) the enemy and also for sexual pleasure

File: 1649264468615.jpg (23.51 KB, 471x388, pepe-laughing-inside.jpg)

4f573 No.28[Reply]

>Hitler could have milion extra soldiers if he wasn't as autistic about muh master race
I don't like him but it is such a failure it hurts
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437e0 No.130


df5de No.147

That's precisely what scared them about J6 and why they're playing it up. It only took 2k hapless retards to storm the capitol and overwhelm the forces there with no clear leadership, just a dumb herd.
Any measure of organization to that or larger numbers and the country could be taken

09a74 No.183

WW2 was always a war between germany and russia (natsoc vs stalin). The anglosphere just tipped the scales.

File: 1649567319989.jpg (9.94 KB, 227x222, download-6.jpg)

e350a No.56[Reply]

What would honestly have been the fate of europe if the Central Powers won ww1? Would this have prevented much of the modern Globo-Homo that we have today?
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58e3b No.87

I've understood that concept but it never really clicked untill I read your statement.

It's along the lines of what I tell my parents when they talk about changing things. I tell them their is no changing the inevitable, voting won't do much but stem the tides for a short time. Only bullets and blood would bring the change people really want but even then it would only change things for a short time.

5a4ba No.158

File: 1651166203462.jpg (143.8 KB, 1080x976, I Am the Light.jpg)

This shit right here is what I really hate about Christianity. Forget about all the lunatics pointing at the bible and saying it's proof that their god exists. It's the absolute apathy towards the world and lack of any will to make it better.
>Don't bother trying to overthrow a corrupt and incompetent regime for the sake of your people. It's supposed to be a test.
>It's all just punishment for Eve eating the forbidden fruit.
>The only thing worth saving is your soul.
>The lord works in mysterious ways.
That's all just fatalistic bullshit the powerful have used for two millennia to keep the peasants in their place while they lived in the best conditions imaginable for their time.

be65c No.182

He’s not saying to give up and stop fighting evil as a way to keep people in line, he’s just saying that no matter how hard you try, evil will always remain. Spend time on saving your soul and many others so they can prosper in the Kingdom of God, I can assure you that God will reward you for being faithful and standing against the adversary.

File: 1651488412355.png (3.89 MB, 2896x1408, 1.png)

68a09 No.166[Reply]

Know the difference, it may save your life

871ca No.181

both are subhumans and I wouldn't want anything to do with them

File: 1648860714536.png (334.41 KB, 600x600, Pope-Book.png)

31965 No.5[Reply]

Christianity aside, what do you think of the Catholic Church specifically?

Are they a legitimate organization and force of good doing or just a bunch of money-hungry pedophiliacs?
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bd958 No.68

Hey fren. You forget the Catholic church is the most charitable institution in the world. Them building big churches is fine because they host more people to worship at mass and they contain relics. Where I am I have to attend mass in a small room that can barely fit 15 people so I can get the right kind of mass.

The Catholic church makes its money from donations that it humbly asks for during mass and you're not obligated to donate. You should be focused more on the protestant megachurches in the US that claim in order to be blessed you need to donate, and the larger the donation the larger the blessing.

bd958 No.69

The church is not yet lost. We have the SSPX

bae96 No.174

File: 1651690793713.jpg (91.82 KB, 378x773, FB_IMG_1641515281091.jpg)

Even with Christianity aside, as you say, it's probably one of the greatest institutions of the West if not the world.

After the collapse of the Roman empire, the Church ran most of the great cities, maintaining civil authority during a period of great unrest.
The Churxh was the centre of learning and academics for centuries after thay even, educating people, maintaining records, keeping archives, and allowing Roman learning and writing to survive during the so-called "Dark Ages". Nor has that tradition died, Catholic schools are still to this day very good (often better than public government-run school), and many of the great universities today are from this tradition (such as Oxford or Cambridge).
During the past, the Church was also one of the great peacemakers of the past, heloing negotiating peace and creating & enforcing the earliest rules of war (eg. Cáin Adomnáin in Ireland), greatly reducing the amount horrors of war in the area.
Similar efforts can be seen in preventing civil unrest. While things like the Inquisitions are shamed today, compared to the mob 'justice' which preceded them they were relatively bloodless. The Church also pushed for legal reforms constantly, including today, with things like opposition to the death penalty.
As >>8 already mentioned, the Church (both historically and currently) is one of the greatest charitable organisations of the world.
And such charity often mixed with the other above-mentioned goods. For instance, the great number of hospitals, homeless shelters, and other organizations that come from the mix of Catholic charity and their providing civic functions when the state would not.

And simply compare the Catholic world with the non-Catholic to tell. All the burnings and hangings of heretics belong to the Protestant world, like the Witch Hunts of the British colonies in America. As were the greatest cases of antisemetism, which is no surprise with Martin Luther writing "On the Jews and Their Lies". The destruction of the literary traditions claimed to have happened in the Dark Ages are only a reality in with the destruction of the Monasteries in England, compare the many great sagas of Ireland which survive in multple versions to the one copy of Beowulf that survived the Protestant's wrath. Christian bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1650604545884.png (842.64 KB, 699x674, download.png)

75bce No.138[Reply]

Many of us already know this, but many don't know the first naturalization law.

The US Naturalization Act of 1790 clearly states that only WHITE people from WESTERN EUROPE could be eligible of obtaining citizenship. You must reside in the US for a minimum of 2 years, along with your children, as long as they were younger than 21, and be eligible of citizenship.

If you were convicted of any crimes, non white, father not a US citizen if born outside of the US, or fought alongside the British in the war, you were ineligible of obtaining naturalization.
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3a01c No.165

>Guys where are those based aut/his/ts?
it feels bad to make thematic shitposts ona site that is still small

ec3fc No.168

What about natives?

Also, do you consider Catholic European countries white because KKK did not.

d65d7 No.173

>What about natives?
natives were given reservations. Not entirely sure on the naturalization of them. But I am going to argue they weren't allowed as the original US was just the 13 colonies.

>Also, do you consider Catholic European countries white because KKK did not.

The US was founded as a Protestant nation. However the Act does not take in account of religion. This is seen with East Orthodoxy being prevalent in the South. The KKK was heavily protestant iirc so it makes sense why they weren't.

File: 1651506007344.jpg (1.3 MB, 1536x1129, 11689014.jpg)

42f67 No.171[Reply]

post your favorite old maps frens

bonus points for alt history, tartaria, or flat earph

42f67 No.172

File: 1651506057599.jpg (1.51 MB, 1536x1164, 8132000.jpg)

File: 1650368041720.png (161.05 KB, 510x597, 1635796073925.png)

98e2e No.114[Reply]

Do you wanna know why exactly the problem is with Communism other than the fact it will never work?

Marx and Engels grew in Protestant household.

>But Marx was born in Jewish family.

Correct, but his family converted themselves to Protestantism later in his life.
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34fe8 No.164

Anarcho-comminist communes have functioned, but communist states have not. States kill ideological purity via the conquest and maintenence of power, as well as the financing of said process.
However, I have a problem still with anarcho-communism. While it disposes of the state and the company, both unnatural entities, it carries on production, separating us fron the natural world, and it's entirely materialistic. It is not an organic system, it's Jewish psychological masterbation

856ab No.167

Marx basically hates his own ethnicity and called someone a Jew Nigger. Weird.

7c148 No.170

Eh, I'm a quarter Jewish. Being mainly gentile I don't care much for Jews. In theory I'm merely anti zionist but the vast bulk of us are zionists one way or another.
Marx's problem with other Jews was the other made up Jewish ideology - capitalism. He diagnosed the issue with a degree of competence (and i must stress the word degree, his comments on rural life are revolting), but his "treatment" is hardly better.

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