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4f573 No.28

>Hitler could have milion extra soldiers if he wasn't as autistic about muh master race
I don't like him but it is such a failure it hurts

02164 No.30

Would you rather have a million extra men, or one Napoleon? If you're smart, you'd go with one Napoleon, because if you have a Napoleon, millions of men will crawl out of the woodwork to fight for him, a great, winning General.

A million men are just a million enemy bullet receptacles, enemy marksmanship targets. You can't do shit with a million men. But one Napoleon can take 10,000 men and DESTROY a million man rabble.

4f573 No.32

what Napoleon-tier general would Hitler lose if his policy wasn't so anti-Slavic?
if 3rd Reich wasn't so autistic with, for example, Vlasov's army they could have thousands of extra soldiers but they waited until the war was lost

02164 No.40

No, you misunderstand me. I'm not really saying there was any Napoleon-tier general one way or the other, just pointing out that a million men is absolutely worthless, it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference if the Nazis had a million or even 10 million extra grunts, grunts are just bullet-catchers. Their purpose in modern war is to force the enemy to expend time and resources to deal with them, but that's all it is. Fighting a million extra men is just like, "Okay, so we'll have to dedicate 12 days to that, and it will tie up between 10-15 divisions and dah-da dah-da-dah."

Infantry is just a way of dragging things out. It's just pesky, it isn't going to make or break a military operation.

A general, even a mediocre one, is worth something, but a million men is like saying you have a million bullets. Okay, great, but without men and rifles, bullets are as useless as rocks. Without a competent general and officers to manage a million men, a million men are just as useless as a million poker chips.

A million men, ten million men, a hundred million men, it's all just clutter.

02164 No.41

If you want a real life concrete example of what I'm talking about, what it means to field an army with no leadership, look at the January 6th protests at the U.S. Capitol building. Textbook example of how worthless and useless and stupid it is to have an army without leadership.

All those people went down there fully expecting Trump to show up and lead them, and maybe if he had, or if JFK Jr had been there, maybe something could have been done, but without leadership, the army just broke a few windows, shuffled around inside taking selfies, sat on the spinny-chairs and put their feet on the desks, waved their flags a few times, marched past and admired the statues and paintings, stole a few books and two phones and two computers, and then they got bored and just left.

That's what an army with no leadership is capable of: absolutely fucking nothing. An embarrassing spectacle. A tale told by an idiot, sound and fury signifying nothing.

3574a No.43

J6 Capitol Tourists were allowed in by Glowniggers right as Pence was about to count the first state with Dueling Electors - Arizona

BUT, I agree It'd be great if we had a competent leader to tell erveyone
Then the Liberals wouldn't be able to conpare the J6 Tour to 9/11 - What the fuck sorta demon would make that comparison

4f573 No.59

63750 No.74

>Then the Liberals wouldn't be able to conpare the J6 Tour to 9/11 - What the fuck sorta demon would make that comparison

The kind that wears a tiny hat.

From their perspective it is the same thing, a manufactured event that they will now use as fodder for their never ending stream of propaganda.

63750 No.76

You clearly know more specifics than me, but my point, what little of one I have at all, is just that even IF Hitler had a million men, and even if those million men WERE led by a Napoleon-tier General, the way modern warfare works, it could have so easily had little to no impact whatsoever on the turn of events.

5f326 No.105

File: 1650244078331.jpg (971.03 KB, 2560x1440, 2022-04-15 04_07_46-Greens….jpg)

Hitler would've been just fine if he didn't autistically attack Russia.

Why did he do it, bros? Why did he get so greedy?
Is this not enough land?

f5ce6 No.106

Operation Barbarossa was a preemptive strike. Russia was heading towards Romania. That would have cut off Germany's oil supply.

3a157 No.116

Hitler had no concept of a "Master Race" that is jewish propaganda


00423 No.129

>million extra soldiers
Every jew who could work was send to labor camps and the rest was killewasYou cannot make every man into a soldier. You need people to run the economy.

437e0 No.130


df5de No.147

That's precisely what scared them about J6 and why they're playing it up. It only took 2k hapless retards to storm the capitol and overwhelm the forces there with no clear leadership, just a dumb herd.
Any measure of organization to that or larger numbers and the country could be taken

09a74 No.183

WW2 was always a war between germany and russia (natsoc vs stalin). The anglosphere just tipped the scales.

19372 No.196

All undeniably proven in Rezun's books. Invading Russia was the least bad option.
Ww2 is not just about jews dumbass. It involved tens millions of eastern europeans ans even russians, who saw germans as saviours from stalin and his sadistic communists - who were, at all times objectively worse for everyone except muh jews. Unfortunately Hitler was complete lunatic, and refused to get into any reasonable negotiations with leaders of these countries.
Resulting in only a couple dozens of cripled or blind guys showing up to mock the draft in nazi occupied lithuania for eg.

4f573 No.198

File: 1653645760284.png (361.5 KB, 680x327, liberator(28).png)

>tfw old people in Poland say that while Germans were bad, soviets were absolutely subhuman bydlo
when Germans came to village, you hid riches
when soviets came you hid women, girls, children, boys, riches, cattle, poultry and everything not nailed down

9e9ce No.199

result of propaganda. all wars were and are about overpopulation and economy. machines freed people from manual work and made them obsolete in economy, that is why they killed each other in major wars and genocided everywhere.

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