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File: 1650378930027.png (1.21 MB, 4592x3196, 1.png)

ecb58 No.74[Reply]

What countries have you been to?
pic rel is mine (just passing through Belgium and Netherlands though)
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7790e No.88

India, Thailand, Singapore, Japan

The most japanese thing I saw after leaving narita airport was some drunk salaryman at a bus stop crying his eyes out and calling for his mother.

8f6b5 No.785

UK, Poland, Spain, Canary Islands (Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife), France, Germany, Lithuania, Cyrpus. Going to Norway on a cruise this year.
Also Egypt and Australia (switched planes in Singapore - it was sooooo clean)

I really want to see America, Japan, more nordic countries and do a full road trip around Poland

f780d No.817

Czech Republic
I would like to visit rural Japan in the future, ride the trans-siberian railway across Russia and maybe go sightseeing in China - there’s one national park that I always wanted to see.

File: 1650293354718.jpg (452.81 KB, 1024x612, povos.jpg)

38c14 No.69[Reply]

POV: You are a Slovenian male and you see bunch of menchildren being pissed off about you not being a femboy as memes say so.
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e4421 No.762

why aren't you on the sharty anymore chud. we miss you

9d07c No.794

File: 1656514453402.png (270.67 KB, 644x372, Screenshot from 2022-06-29….png)

Šiptar i lezbejka će da poprave odnose.

c6596 No.815


File: 1656573575997.jpg (255.6 KB, 1128x1504, 1613237180201.jpg)

fa2cb No.795[Reply]


Did you know that in 2011 it was said that 0.5% of Japanese women between 18-35 had appeared in porn. In 2021 this number increased to 9%.

It seems pretty unbelievable that almost 1 in 10 women have made pornography, but when you look at sites like fc2, you can really see a library that is 10x larger than professionally distributed porn, and none of that includes how much porn is made on cam sites, only fans, twitter and so forth.

Much like the exponential rise of women appearing in porn, the rate of women being single in their late 30's is rising drastically and the rate of adultery is steadily rising for men, but sky rocketing for women (they were already way higher than most other 1st world countries btw).

When you consider that almost 20 years ago, Japan was scared about their declining birth rate, it really makes you see how bad the prognosis is for Japan.

Can you really imagine this woman being in your family. Goodness gracious.
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5e51e No.812

>who the fuck cares?
my thoughts exactly

fa2cb No.813

What do you think the percentage is in your countries?
Feel comfortable with the rates of women getting into pornography?
Would you want to have a daughter in the world as it is today?

98d87 No.814

What's up with the naive questionnaire? All the answers should be obvious to any sane person, but we live in the clownworld unfortunately. It used to be different even 10 years ago, turbo degeneracy isn't frowned upon now, it's normalized and being pushed as a new religion by you know (((whom))).

File: 1654518159813.jpg (54.91 KB, 761x630, May God save The Tsar.jpg)

68c71 No.752[Reply]

Hello there. Sorry if i bother any of you, but do you mind sharing me some good books on Russian culture? Clothing, food, architecture, everything. I also have some interest in the Folklore. Fiction and non-fiction are welcome. Books about Pre-Christian Russia and Imperial Russia are best.

I have posted also posted this on /lit/
Link : https://www.frenschan.org/lit/res/338.html

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e0b42 No.808

dumping some old Russian songs, mostly Imperial
How we stood on clouds on Shipka
March of Preobrazhensky Regiment
There was once a sovereign Russia
To the Allegiant ones
Farewell of Slavianka
March of siberian riflemen
ROA athemn

f2f82 No.809

the flag of indonesia and poland in comparison with eachother got a laugh out of me

d81ee No.810

Thanks Fren!

File: 1653393489127.png (88.8 KB, 600x531, 116911032_3121842901227609….png)

3eaf0 No.722[Reply]

>What language(s) are you learning?
>Share language learning experiences!
>Ask questions about your target language!
>Help people who want to learn a new language!
>Participate in translation challenges or make your own!
>Make frens!

Read this shit some damn time:

[UPDATED] Totally not a virus, but rather, lots of free books on languages:
Older version:https://mega.nz/#F!x4VG3DRL!lqecF4q2ywojGLE0O8cu4A
Newer version:https://mega.nz/folder/INlRkAQC#CthKI9-_kmDNyrOx12Ojbw

Lots of books on linguistics of various kinds, as well as language courses:
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6a15b No.725

>"trans" "late"

0eb26 No.791

I am a dork and am learning Latin and Mandarin. I was learning Russian instead of Mandarin but it is too similar to Latin in that they are both highly inflected. The endings of these languages are plentiful so it is best to learn them through rote memorization, but my god is that so boring to spend an hour writing Latin endings and then spend another hour maybe later in the day learning Russian endings. I can't handle that, so I started learning Mandarin which has almost no morphology whatsoever lol. I am using DeFrancis' Yale series Beginning Chinese along with the reader (the green book with both parts of the red book). Pretty cozy so far, getting used to the pronunciations, and thinking about getting my native chink friend to help me with pronunciation. Latin is going well, I am learning it with the Dowling method, writing down the endings. I finished the nouns and adjectives and know them by heart. Now I'm working on the indicative active verbs.
Is there anybody here learning Chinese or Latin?

24ab1 No.793

do we even know actual akkadian pronunciation

File: 1649766756429.jpg (438.72 KB, 2160x1952, 1636925764906.jpg)

57a42 No.23[Reply]

Learn russian
Speak russian

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c2998 No.773

ы ы ы

97fd6 No.774

is this word 2 words in Russian?

In dutch it is Rugzak = Rug + Zak = Back + Sack / Pocket

Patatzak/ Frietzak
and 100s more: https://rijmwoordenboek.vandale.nl/eindigt-op-ZAK

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f78b6 No.790

Pretty sure it was just borrowed from German (Rucksack).
Same with
>Бутерброд (Butterbrot)

File: 1649693832074.jpg (174.04 KB, 667x624, polska.jpg)

54b03 No.5[Reply]

ależ tak, piszę po polsku na stronie, na której jast tylko dwóch Polaków, dlaczego pytasz?
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b364c No.787

Literal fucking keyboard spam.
pfdiire pfudos oejfne oebdb kdihsno eind

54b03 No.788

>pfdiire pfudos oejfne oebdb kdihsno eind
rude and uncalled for

0aef2 No.789

>but yes, I write in Polish on a website with only two Poles, why do you ask?
Pewnego razu był sobie kij, narobił wielkiego bałaganu i poślizgnął się na głowie. młoda panna, widząc jego trudną sytuację, roześmiała się z zachwytu.

File: 1652723112477.png (223.21 KB, 780x438, pepekys2.png)

845f3 No.531[Reply]

>fuel is over 7 złoty for a liter
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845f3 No.780

File: 1655546399353.png (34.89 KB, 454x520, 283 - country flag germany….png)

unlike your country's culture of losing war and scat

21bb2 No.782

You forgot le ebin winged hussars, toilet plunging and pierogi

28c37 No.784

Under Frederick the Great, Posen and Silesia could not export their potatoes because the soil was bad. The solution was to export the alcohol; the rest of was returned to the soil or fed to livestock. During the Industrial Revolution, the alcohol was used to power gas engines, and due to shortages, became the primary fuel in WWI.

File: 1652511092678.jpg (14.71 KB, 160x100, 1.jpg)

b7b92 No.301[Reply]

Do you know about Interslavic?

Interslavic is a language used by Slavs of different nationalities for communication among themselves. This is made possible by the fact that the Slavic languages are a relatively coherent family: knowing one of them is usually sufficient to get a rough idea of what a text in any other Slavic language is about. Throughout the centuries, Slavs have learned to talk to their neighbours by means of simple, improvised language forms.

Medžuslovjansky jest jezyk, ktory Slovjani raznyh narodnostij koristajut, da by komunikovali jedin s drugym. To jest možno, ibo slovjanske jezyky sut shodna i srodna grupa. Znanje jednogo jezyka obyčno jest dostatočno, da by imělo se priblizno razuměnje o čem jest tekst na kojem-nebud drugom slovjanskom jezyku. Hvala stolětjam blizkogo susědstva Slovjani dobro znajut, kako dogovoriti se s drugymi Slovjanami s pomočju prostyh, improvizovanyh narěčij.

Меджусловјанскы јест језык, кторы Словјани разных народностиј користајут, да бы комуниковали једин с другым. То јест можно, ибо словјанске језыкы сут сходна и сродна група. Знанје једного језыка обычно јест достаточно, да бы имєло се приблизно разумєнје о чем јест текст на којем-небуд другом словјанском језыку. Хвала столєтјам близкого сусєдства Словјани добро знајут, како договорити се с другыми Словјанами с помочју простых, импровизованых нарєчиј.
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b7b92 No.778

File: 1655540924207.png (52.08 KB, 1148x746, apu5.png)

Bože brani Jug, Bože brani Jug,
jegov oltari i peči, Bože brani Jug.
Sejčas kogda vojna blizka, sejčas my oružim se na smrt,
pěvavši nas vojenny vozklik: Svoboda ili smrt.

Budi Bože naš ščit i doma i v polu,
Raztegni Svoju ruku nad nas, dati silu i brani.
Čto že jih tri do jedinogo, naprěd každi otec i syn
Bij až vojna izigrana, bij až po grob!

Bog učinil zakon silnějšim silu
miliony mogut nas raztoptati v svoju grdosti.
Položi jih legiony nizko, odrazi okrutnogo vraga.
Da znaje grdy niščitelj, že Bog s nami.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

eb575 No.781


Moje oči su uvidele slavu toptanja u zoologičnom parku,
Umili smo ruke u krovi čamuga i ini mešaneca,
Ražrušamo ZOG mašinu, žida po žida po žida,
Beli muž marširuje!

b7b92 No.783


File: 1652780322960.png (69.55 KB, 1024x797, 1642951774359.png)

3211c No.576[Reply]

Hey frens, I may be going to Sweden this summer and I would like to know what places are good to visit, preferably an area without Somalis or Iraqis, so don't mention Malmo. I will be going to Stockholm regardless, but besides its capital is there anything I should not miss?
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d7f0d No.769

>area without somalis or iraqis
anon, I don't know what to tell you

3855b No.771

Gotäland looks interesting.

3211c No.776

Visby looks very nice youre right

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