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File: 1649975913106.jpeg (833.14 KB, 800x864, 8AB7F8CA-8FCA-437B-92ED-8….jpeg)

bfd65 No.45[Reply]

AK General /akg/
First Thread Edition
>Thread #1
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c4284 No.186

That wood looks like doo-doo

File: 1652896914709.jpg (7.27 MB, 2560x1400, fashwave-vaporwave-cats-so….jpg)

0badf No.176[Reply]

New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Tired of jannies not doing their jobs?
https://pastebin.com/6Ewshhfv (embed)

Want to hunt?
https://pastebin.com/nC8RpYb3 (embed)

Want to help Firearm rights?

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16b64 No.185

My posts got jannied wow lol this place is gonna be DOA oh well

9955a No.189

testing torposting 123

20589 No.191

First /cangen/ related post of this dead thread: how hard is it to get a gun into leaf land in roblox?

File: 1652998654010.jpg (44.57 KB, 1024x265, Remington-R12-6.jpg)

a91b9 No.188[Reply]

Do you think shotguns are useful/relevant for combat in the 21st century?

123f5 No.190

Well, drones, ducks, and metal doors exist, so yes.
Also, since 70% of the world has banned semi auto rifles and 85% has banned pistols, shottys are pretty much all most people are left with for home defense. 00/000 buck can kill out to 70m and slugs can kill at 130m, which are typical engagement ranges on most modern battlefields.
You don't rly need to care about reaching out passed 200m, bc for anything over that, you can do just fine with a bolt action/ scout rifle as much as any dumb grunt with an AR/ AK + LPVO

File: 1650753507698.jpg (51.89 KB, 555x552, talipepe.jpg)

af831 No.95[Reply]

for practical reasons you will only be able to carry/own ONE long arm and ONE handgun. which do you choose? (for you rulesmongering assholes, yes you can pick ANY gun it doesn't have to be one you already own/would realistically have access to, also presume you have plenty of ammunition, spare parts, accessories, etc. stockpiled for it)
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d76c2 No.173

For Intermediate ranges of 50-100 yards, probably a 300AAC with suppressor and LPVO. 10mm glock with giggle switch for a hold out piece.

Long ranges probably my AR10 in 308 with 6-24 scope. Just a basic G17.

For close up jobs, something in 45acp subsonics with a suppressor.

For for general application…stick grenades. There's nothing a stick grenade can't fix.

81ccf No.174

IMO, lower bore axis and good basic features and ergos. When I got it on Gunbroker.com in 2018, it was only $500, now they've been discontinued so I can sell it for a little more later on. It feels lighter for whatever reason than any other 92fs mag compatible gun I've shot (beretta 92fs, Tangfolio witness (which I also have), cz75b classic), but thats probably because its center of mass.
Its a great gun. Fuck cz haters

1e8d8 No.187

What in the hell is that thing
You only get one for every type of task, which is the point of the hypothetical

File: 1649378511624.jpg (68.03 KB, 519x587, 624f38bb16c88.jpg)

78bc0 No.24[Reply]

i swear im not part of the ATF
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4ee25 No.162

The first and last tactic is good OPSEC. Don't be a hacktivis-tard like >>26 and don't post on an ANY social media, especially bluecheckmark™ sites. This creates a digital footprint bc the internet infrastructure is entirely owned, maintained, and controlled by (((them))).
After that you can do pretty much anything you want, just don't talk shop with smelly boomers and LGS idiot sales reps. Also, try to pay in cash for everything you're gonna use for fun related activities.

b39f4 No.171

File: 1652655227615.jpg (339.45 KB, 715x1200, mantle.jpg)

Scour garage sales. Grab these. You'll figure it out by the time SHTF.

fb504 No.172

Based David Hahn poster.

File: 1652366916981.jpg (122.54 KB, 1152x768, 1651476590096 T91.jpg)

9eb9d No.151[Reply]

I want to buy an inexpensive .223 that's reliable and accurate, but I don't want to buy another AR-15. So just throw recommendations at me pls.
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5cbd7 No.157

Brand new G2 Contender (stainless or blue) is around $700 new, it will outshoot any $700 AR, and caliber changes are even easier and more varied. You can opt for the rifle version for a few dollars more but if your hunts/treks carry you through rough or overgrown terrain a bandolier holster beats the shit out of any kind of rifle on a sling.
Used Contenders and Encores as well as barrels, stocks, scopes etc are still common at gun shows, they probably always will be in some capacity along with things like XPs and Anschutzs. And 223 was and still is one of the core calibers. Definitely reliable, accurate, inexpensive and its not another AR.

fdd04 No.159

This in all seriousness, but only because 223 is a varmint round if you don't go full retard with it. Fuck you tardvet shills, idc what you say.
On the full fun note, get a Fitelite MCS060 or an M249S made to full retard with a rubberband. Full auto is full auto is fun af with 22lr to 50bmg

80db5 No.170

>FA is fun af
We used to throw tennis balls in the river and shoot them as they floated by. I tried it with a plain jane pistol, not nearly as much fun. Sleeper in the group: a crappy looking beat to hell uzi, jesus those things look like toys but weigh 50 pounds and stay on target like a magnet. Biggest disappointment: Thompson, had no compensator but even so the mags were so loose you had to hold them in, which didn't help the climb either.

File: 1652384899601.jpg (26.97 KB, 600x245, Savage A17 thumbhole grey.jpg)

055ef No.152[Reply]

picrel is the model I'm sort of leaning towards. Savage has a lot of variations of a lot of basic designs in a lot of calibers, which is nice but I'd really like to know more about that accutrigger; that's what interests me. Will it really make 40 ounces? Or is that a wishful 40, closer to 64? Any accutrigger feedback is welcome frens.

ebab7 No.158

File: 1652626417890.jpg (10.01 KB, 696x435, 1652626198096.jpg)

Why not an AlexArms 17hmr ar15?
It's a steep price for a rimfire, but why would you want an autoloader and not also have ergos made for semi auto? Garrow Arms 17hmr upper is also an option

9c0f2 No.168

Interesting idea fren, I don't have an AR so I'd have to start from the bottom but as a side benefit of the project that would justify some of the expense. Which looks like triple going by AA's proces (Garrow is down) but I expect similar, say $2k when its all said and done. If one were to shop for a matching target lower what are some good leads?
As far as ergo is concerned I'm not sure an AR really tops the charts there, in fact that humongous receiver is part of why I don't have one. The Savage has that trigger I'm just itching to try, and I'd be curious which platform can accomodate the lightest trigger. I've shot two that were a claimed "2lb trigger", they both felt closer to 50 oz. They weren't bad and they fit the platform, but I'd like to have a little more room if that was the bottom end.
But yeah, thanks Fren and fuck you very much for now expanding my short list of candidates

File: 1652635533855.jpg (331.92 KB, 1632x951, ZomboDroid 15052022114202.jpg)

9e8e3 No.166[Reply]

Anybody here do /k/ stuff outside the military/ police/ govt contracting?
Could be a directly /k/ field like hunting, paid larp training, paramedic/ EMT, S&R, security officer, etc OR a totally non-/k/ related job where you do /k/ related things either as a part of the job or just secretly by your own 'tistic compulsions.
Got any stories? Pls be a fren and share

File: 1648642603596.jpeg (865.34 KB, 1170x873, 26EF2D6F-98A0-4E64-859E-0….jpeg)

d4ee6 No.4[Reply]

What was your first gun bros? Here’s my first and only gun that I own, Armalite AR-15. Figure that is all I really need to defend my homestead.

Post em
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a632d No.114

File: 1651441789416.jpg (2.84 MB, 4608x3440, 88 serial number.JPG)

I used to be a slightly-anti gun liberal, but seeing Bernie get cheated in 2016 opened my eyes to see what the media and democrats were doing to President Trump so I abandoned all that shit. I didn't buy a gun until after the dems cheated in 2020, so I used the stimulus check in early 2021 to buy a Sig M400. I initially bought it just because I wanted to use the money on something that the democrats didn't want me to have, but I had so much fun shooting it that I bought a pistol and kept on buying more. Now I'm up to nine firearms and three suppressors (still waiting on my tax stamps) with several thousand rounds of 5.56, 9mm, and 22LR.

957ce No.133

File: 1651717143536.jpg (282.25 KB, 4350x1450, wm_6884554.jpg)

Marlin 336C 30-30. LEVER ACTION!

15375 No.164

First ever: M&P Shield 2
First rifle: Eagle Arms-15.
Sold them both and almost all the meme guns I used to have, now I have totally different ones

File: 1650587445216.jpg (1.85 MB, 4096x3072, IMG_20220416_115939404~2.jpg)

076f7 No.91[Reply]

You know the drill

91e10 No.163

File: 1652629510684.jpg (331.92 KB, 1632x951, ZomboDroid 15052022114202.jpg)

Ama. Don't be a fucker around a trucker.

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