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File: 1649291759999.jpg (128.7 KB, 640x640, IMG_20220406_202004_716.jpg)

ac8bd No.24[Reply]

Frens i highly recommend that you check out White Alexanderia's Library on Telegram

The owner on of the channel is constantly updating it with tons of free E-books as well as audiobooks. Below is the current Catalog.

White Alexandria's Library Index

1.The Victory of Judaism Over Germanism by Wilhelm Marr (1897)
2.The Hidden Tyranny by Harold Wallace Rosenthal (1978)
3.Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand (1976)
4.Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control by E. Michael Jones (2000)
5.The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins (1983)
6.Did Six Million Really Die: The Truth at Last by Richard Harwood (1974)
7.A Squire's Trial by Alexander Slavros (2015)
8.Next Leap by IronMarch (2015)
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7863a No.286

File: 1652185245709.webm (1.73 MB, 480x854, 1618286870865.webm)

3b988 No.259[Reply]

Is doubling up on adjectives that are synonymous horrible to read?
When I'm talking, I can put a short pause between the words to show that I'm using two words that mean the same thing for emphasis. Often when I'm writing, I feel as if my words don't carry enough weight but I'm not skilled or smart enough to intuit how to fix the sentence without just doing what I would be doing if I were talking.

Any writing tips at all would help, just anything you know, doesn't have to pertain to anything in particular.

This post is first draft so you can see how I write.
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2d243 No.284

1- Learn how to utilize dots, commas, and semicolons to give the correct timing for the reading. Read what you are writing as if you are speaking it to see if the timings are conveying the correct meanings for you.
2- If you want to express yourself better, learn more words.
3- Learning good quality texts helps you to assimilate the structure of good texts.
4- You have to learn how to organize your ideas in order. For example, if you are going to speak about subjects A,B, and C, then you have to say, for example (suppose each letter is a sentence from that point), A,A,A,A,A,B,B,B,B,B,C,C,C,C,C, instead of something like A,B,A,A,A,A,B,B,C,B,C,B,B,C,C,C. For that, you can organize the ideas you want to express into topics, sort them by similarity, and then gather them in a text.

What do you mean by "Is doubling up on adjectives that are synonymous horrible to read"?

"When I'm talking, I can put a short pause between the words to show that I'm using two words that mean the same thing for emphasis." Give an example, please. I didn't understand.

25498 No.285

Like this.
>Huge, giant dong
>Incredible, unparalleled idiot
>Idiotic, retarded take

When speaking it's fine but I feel like it works in text. Especially as part of a much larget sentence.

2d243 No.287

I didn't understand what you mean.

Tip: You can use a translator to help you to express yourself. You type your native language and translate it to English.

File: 1652835371625.jpg (64.05 KB, 584x600, decent books jewish author.jpg)

933bc No.278[Reply]

i didnt want to make a shill thread for my story so i made this a writing general so everyone can share
here is my story please let me know what you think:
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3f727 No.281

>v1c1 is the start and v1c5 is the latest.
Oh okay, I was presented it in reverse chronological order and didn't really notice the v1c1 stuff, my brainnjust registered it as meaningless numbers or something.

933bc No.282

all good, let me know what you think if you end up reading it all

3f727 No.283

Of course I will, it's not a big undertaking and I always support my frens.

File: 1649289262279.jpg (132.7 KB, 534x800, fire (2).jpg)

92680 No.32[Reply]

Hello frens. I'm going to read the Western Canon, starting with the Greeks. And I'd love to do it with others. Because of the slow paced nature of this board, this seems like a reasonable place to form a book club and work our way through the "great conversation."
I envision a group of us agreeing on a reading assignment for the week and setting up a time to meet here and discuss. This can be as deep or as superficial as you frens want, as few or as many as we can muster.
Because of logistics, we won't all be able to read the same translation, or sometimes even the same language, and we will have bumps in the road here and there. But the thrust of the effort will be to understand the ideas of our great forefathers and to be better able to pass them on to our sons.
What are your thoughts? Is anyone with me?
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763d5 No.266

Hey. I'm not still here, but rather here AGAIN. Please excuse my missing, it has personally been a pretty tight schedule for me, but I'll try to keep up.

Regarding the author's stance on the Greeks, that is unfortunate but I kinda expected him to tend towards Fallmerayer's claims, how Greeks were supposedly more Nordic in the past and how they supposedly got completely mixed out of existence. That effectively alienates much of the Meds and Slavs away, since it doubts their whole identity and blames the Slavs for supposedly breeding them out.
Anyway, that's one unfortunate take, but the rest seems to be pretty interesting. As I've said, I'll try to catch on.

763d5 No.267

The flags are still way off, haha.
I'm not in Greece, but in Germany. Ignore the flag.

33a5c No.274

>Anyway, that's one unfortunate take, but the rest seems to be pretty interesting. As I've said, I'll try to catch on.
i agree, it is unfortunate. the obsession with nords over other white phenotypes/genotypes is only detrimental to racial cohesion and not productive in the slightest.
haven't made any progress this weekend, was out of town and super busy. we're not moving very fast are we? lol
that's ok, we're moving, slowly but surely, and that's what counts.
hope you have a good week germanbro

File: 1652639801044-0.jpg (488.85 KB, 1135x851, MK12_dual.jpg)

File: 1652639801044-1.jpg (106.52 KB, 420x630, 35022570._UY630_SR1200,630….jpg)

File: 1652639801044-2.jpg (107.68 KB, 820x419, 119-1193662_mein-kampf-aud….jpg)

406fe No.273[Reply]

Which English edition of Mein Kampf is the most accurate translation?

After looking into all of the options, I'm down to three that I think are worth looking at: the original Stalag Edition (the "official" translation from back in the day), the Ford translation, or the Dalton translation.

I'm confused as to the specific origins of the Stalag Edition, and I've seen many people claim "Just because it's the official translation doesn't mean it's the best!" This is surely true–the "officialness" means little if the translation is not accurate.

The Ford translation, which is often praised by anons as the best available, seems appealing for various reasons. It is written in modernized English, features a few arguably better translations of difficult words, etc. However, I've found a lot of criticism of it that seems valid. A good, short piece pointing out some noticeable issues with Ford's translation: https://archive.ph/5GBPI

The Dalton translation is the only version (that I've seen) which offers a dual-language edition. In that version, the original German is presented on one page, while Dalton's rendering in English is presented on the opposite page. This lets you compare the two and, if you're curious, work through any section to see if you agree with Dalton. The convenience and utility of this dual-language presentation interests me. Dalton's translation is available as a stand-alone English copy too, if you don't care about seeing the German to compare the two. I suppose part of the point of this thread is figuring out which version to "trust," so I feel that the dual-language version of Dalton's translation is superior to his standalone English version. I'd imagine that it's like studying from an interlinear bible that features the original Hebrew or Greek vs. studying from a typical King James bible. Perhaps all too fitting a comparison, given the known translation inaccuracies in the KJV, but I digress.

I've read a fair chunk of Mein Kampf: A Translation Controversy by Michael Ford, which serves as a companion piece to the various translations, insofar as it compares them and features an appendix of known mistranslations/insertions. Unfortunately, it seems Michael Ford is the same Ford who wrote the Ford Translation. His promotion of his own translation is understandable, but obviously he would claim his to be the best bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1649947774439.jpg (47.49 KB, 700x700, Osamu-Dazai-No-Longer-Huma….jpg)

d07a8 No.111[Reply]

Have you guys ever read this book?

fcfed No.129

No. Sorry, fren

a4843 No.269

Yeah, Italy not that good or spectacular st all. There's not really anything that interesting about depression

a4843 No.270

*I mean it's not really

File: 1650637776816.jpeg (4.74 KB, 222x227, images.jpeg)

5d0b4 No.193[Reply]

>Me looking up the true name of all your moms if I lived in Earthsea

62f0b No.232

based Ursula K Leguin knower. bout to crack open The Dispossessed, I just downloaded it the other day. amped to read a book set in a world where syndicalism exists

976e0 No.268

I know only Earthsea books
my favourite was Tombs of Atuan

File: 1651935166222.jpg (499.48 KB, 819x3724, IMG_20220507_202036479.jpg)

16f48 No.240[Reply]

Honest opinion about my handwriting, is it readable, is it masculine or feminine?
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f9594 No.258

Yeah I'd agree with that. I wouldn't say it's feminine but it does look like a 10 year olds writing.

2af3d No.263

What do you think about mine?
Is it childish or feminine?

f9594 No.264

I would definitely say it looks feminine. Can't explain why though.

File: 1652233352765.png (19.32 KB, 1046x850, assblasted.png)

2e799 No.262[Reply]

draw a scene from a book you have read and/or try to guess the book another anon drew.

File: 1648604677072.jpeg (374.96 KB, 1400x2540, 5AE4179C-DAAD-4378-8753-D….jpeg)

08793 No.1[Reply]

This was a fast and worthwhile read frens
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9e7eb No.210

File: 1651051481120.jpg (46.97 KB, 369x564, md_9780140157543_250920201….jpg)

5e4a4 No.211

Henryk Sienkiewicz's Trilogy (with Fire and Sword, Deluge, Sir Wołodyjowski), historical book in XVIIth century Poland, very famous here, also has cool movies
Zygmunt Krasińsi 'Non-Divine Comedy' very redpilled book about revolution, first two chapter are about count Henry family without politics but the beginning of the third chapter starts by naming them and continues

afea2 No.248

File: 1652026442105.jpeg (117.78 KB, 550x824, E87175BF-0A4B-48D5-AB37-E….jpeg)

Master and Commander book one is good. It is not the book which the movie is based on, that was a later book in the series. I like it because it's just an apolitical naval story with themes of real manliness and traditional work and adventure which has been lost in our world. You'll come to like the crew and the ship in the book, The Sophie, but the ship that is written with even more care and skill… is Friendship. Really the friendship between Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr. Stephen does make for a good read though.

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