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File: 1649187386677.gif (3.08 MB, 400x400, pixiz-05-04-2022-21-33-41.gif)

022c8 No.11[Reply]

The key cornerstone of self improvement is developing mastery over our habits. We all have good and bad habits.

Bad habits are like little grabblers, gremlins that steal time, energy and results from us.

Good habits are like Arno Breker statues; inspiring, strong and full of zest.

1. Which bad habits have you diminished in your life in the last year?
2. Which good habits have you grown in the last year?
3. Which grabbler are you going to weaken in the month to come?
4. Which breker are you going to build in the month to come?
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b4846 No.375

>1. Which bad habits have you diminished in your life in the last year?
Lowered my sugar intake
2. Which good habits have you grown in the last year?
Bought a bicycle and started riding like 10-15km almost every day. I'm like 20kgs overweight so this is pretty decent achievement for me.
3. Which grabbler are you going to weaken in the month to come?
Keeping to the above is already a massive challenge for me.
4. Which breker are you going to build in the month to come?
healthier diet (fish, meat, no carbs and sweets etc)

File: 1653139882324.jpg (51.06 KB, 329x329, orangutan_square.jpg)

088f9 No.483[Reply]

I've been addicted since i was 14 years old. I am 19 years old now.

I've been healing splendidly, from watching certain fetish porn (not going into too much information but it's not tranny, sissy, or blacked bs) and hentai to watching real porn (just watching the POV of men doggying women, no "plot") to not watching porn at all.

I think it's still too early to say that i have quit porn 100%

But i still struggle with MO. Any tips?

088f9 No.484

>I think it's still too early to say that i have quit porn 100%

If i wasn't clear enough, i basically don't go to porn sites anymore. But like i said, it's still too early to say anything because i didn't really remember when i last looked at porn but i think it's around a week or so

56b07 No.485

Get a belt and enough things to do to not have time or energy to MO.

File: 1653138390566.png (2.21 MB, 2000x1672, 1630396017467.png)

231b0 No.481[Reply]

ITT, We share our progress in self-improvement

231b0 No.482

File: 1653138421445.jpg (1.76 MB, 2000x1671, Inked1630396017467_LI.jpg)

Here's mine

File: 1649998259670.jpg (9.14 KB, 254x199, índice.jpg)

32cc6 No.106[Reply]

how to cure a porn addiction
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2d89d No.474

Pray and exercis.e

d29a5 No.475

everytime you jizz into anything buy a pussy, you are killing your potential and destroying your life essence.

know that and resonate.

tldr: I jacked off and kobe died.

cf08b No.480

Have you heard of porn induced erectile dysfunction? I heard about it in the past but a couple of months ago I thought about it and realized I was a good candidate for having it even though I am not a porn addict. I have been consuming it frequently for a deceade now and am still a virgin, so it seemed plausible it rewired my brain. Thinking about this and the terrible business that is porn made me stop watching it around a month ago and my suspicion about it rewiring my brain was correct. I can't be sure if I wouldn't of been able to get hard for a girl, but I can say watching porn made me uncomfortable talking to women. Now I actually want to talk to women and don't think its weird to do so. I would try before but it made me feel awkward.

File: 1651375174236.png (519.13 KB, 728x546, download.png)

42d83 No.323[Reply]

I have tried it all. The only thing I have found that let me meet girls I actually want to date is approach people and talk to them. The problem is our current society discourages having a friendly conversation with strangers, so you need to normalize it in your mind. This is a good intro video to get started:


Level 0. Go outside for an hour 3-7x a week, preferably where there are lots of people around (cities, church, the mall, coffee shops - bars and clubs are also possible, but i try to avoid them because it is normally too loud to actually talk to people).
Level 1. Go up to random strangers (men, women, old ladies, etc) and say hello.
Level 2. Give compliments
Level 3. Take the conversation further. Ask their opinion. Example: Say "Hello, you're cute. My friend says good looking girls have men come up to them all the time and talk to them. Does this happen to you?" or "Hello, I'm looking to try something new. What is your favorite thing to buy here (e.g. at a grocery store/coffee shop).
Level 4. Listen carefully and have a genuine conversation. Don't talk to her like you are trying to just collect her. Try to genuinely enjoy talking with her or you will not be attractive. And if it fails (it will probably will 90% of the time in the beginning), you can at least enjoy yourself and be happy that you had the balls to do what 99% of men cannot. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, she will not either. Be cheerful and nice, but do not be a pushover.
Level 5. Be man to woman. You can talk to her like your bro, but you need to make it clear you see her as a woman if you want to date/marry her. Look at her directly in the eyes and tell her when you like things about her. Also challenge her if she says something wrong, but don't go full 1488 or she will get scared. If you get rejected early on, that is actually good because you are at least ballsy enough that she realizes you are hitting on her, but it's a fine balance to do it in a cool, calm manner.
Level 6. Ask for her number to talk more.
Level 7. Continue. If you ask for her number then immediately leave, it will feel like you are not as cool. If you get her number then still talk for her for 10-15 minutes, it will seem much more natural and she will be more likely to respond to your texts/calls.
Level 8. Ask Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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3665c No.473

imagine what having nazi friends looks like to most women

5c8bc No.478

all it takes is for her to see at least two unconnected males at different times with national socialistic frens and she starts to wonder if there is something to it.

fd9f5 No.479

All you have to do is slowing show your power level. Bring it to a boil slowly so she doesn't really noticed it too bad and is already invested. If she tries to call you out have your friends back you up. If you and your buddies are normal decent people then she will be partially tricked into thinking it is not super strange behavior.

File: 1650151432987.png (98.73 KB, 860x780, 14-147677_stoned-pepe-pepe….png)

7a7e4 No.144[Reply]

I wanna go out with frens to a bar or something no fed talk literally just want people to go have beers and hit up girls with

4e3cd No.148

I visit that area a lot, but am not from there. Probably will be there either next month or July

7a7e4 No.235

Thanks for the reply fren its lonely out here

19b49 No.476

I'm from north of the area. I recently moved out but still have family in the area that I visit.

File: 1651452001954.jpg (3.11 MB, 4032x3024, 20211201_165342.jpg)

303bc No.352[Reply]

I just inherited 2 storefronts in the middle of historic mainstreet in a very red town of roughly 25k. They have been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. One was a surplus store for an online store selling things like crossbows, knives and other rambom camping, hunting and sports items. The other side was used as a computer repair store. I'm not sure if I should sell/lease them or open something new. Mainstream is pretty dead, over half the stores are still closed but there is still some foot traffic and being next to the pier should eventually be revived. I was hoping to get some suggestions or ideas on what I could do with them. This was just sort of thrown at me a few months ago so I haven't had anytime to think about it.
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7aaad No.419

File: 1652061565074.jpg (49.91 KB, 500x375, 1590104164989.jpg)

>My first contract was through one of the 2 main mushroom farms in Texas. They wanted 800lbs/week oyster 600lbs/week shiitake.

Why do mushroom farms buy mushrooms?

Isn't the whole point to produce and sell them?

Do they have so much overhead that it's cheaper sometimes just buying some of them wholesale from smaller farms and reselling to their distributors?

This sounds like a cool idea. I'm sure I'd be able to pull it off if I had the funds. It's not rocket science, though I'm sure there's a lot of easy ways to fuck it up and ruin everything.

Where do I go to get funding? My state doesn't have any Young Farmer grants available, just unsubsidized (((loans))).

Do you have to have an agriculturally zoned property to grow these? Or can I just grow them in any commercially zone property? Do you need to have your facilities inspected? How much is business insurance?

Thanks for sharing fren, nice to hear about one of us making it happen

54ac6 No.471

what can't you do with them. people are tired of being at home, online shopping just to return things because the pictures were crappy…
do research of similar towns in similar geographic locations and see what your location is missing, replicate success, simple as fren

54ac6 No.472

>similar towns
similar size/demographic/comparible towns

File: 1649298299116.jpg (78.99 KB, 1050x702, 1640970173765.jpg)

a7319 No.23[Reply]

My attention span has been fucked due to years of 24/7 internet browsing. I have searched around and it seems that mediation might help me with this. So frens, how do I meditate?
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97fd6 No.276

File: 1650933110798.png (241.01 KB, 1338x1000, 1621989542567.png)

Try this.
>dont lay down, this is an exercise you can lay down once you have managed to do it
Focus on what you hear
>clock ticking, birds chirping, car passing, kids playing, dog barking, wind, rain etc.
Focus on it without thinking or saying "hey that is a car" just hear the car.
Then feel the twmperature of the room on your skin, a breeze or perhaps its warm.
Feel the clothes you wear, feel your hair resting on your face, neck and ears.
>wiggle your toes in your socks and feel the socks

Use your senses without thinking.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

fac75 No.277

This is literally the skill of meditation concentrated into a single thing. You're not supposed to be good at skills without practice.

7b208 No.470

dive straight into the real stuff:

hemi-sync guided meditation, gets you were you wanna go quicker, faster, and in style

File: 1652505218356.gif (5.38 KB, 113x150, 1650228949886.gif)

2665e No.456[Reply]

Why don't we work on improving the Self improvement mega file? Make it new and improved and spread it off to people who actually need it i see no harm in doing so. We could have random tidbits of information left, out more sources, etc…

2665e No.457

Oh actually can anybody link the previous mega doc? might see what needs changing like a focus on education that is post schooling that or the encouragement of reading more books… last time I checked they had Pinterest level tier infographics that never resonated with me

48361 No.458

https://mega.nz/folder/C7ZwlY4L#DP4JwX2dJWJdmjxbB7b7Lw is the for-my-anons link I was given on 4chin.
Does this chan have a different one?
t. newfren

0264f No.468


i have some good screenshots saved that i can contribute

File: 1652313109043.jpg (613.97 KB, 1773x1864, 1645307037534.jpg)

28b7b No.446[Reply]

Lads from /sig/ i don't know if you can help me with this or if it even makes sense, since i think i'm starting to identify the problem but i'm not 100% sure. But some background first, may sound familiar to you since it fits the typical imageboard user, but anyway here it goes.
>no gf, never had
>no frens other than co-workers, except for my best fren from high school whom i go with to do exercise
I know i have not done a proper effort on getting gf, no excuses there, but it surely is demoralizing, demoralizing because of my own idiocy and lack of social tact, and maybe lack of self awareness. Sometimes i'm swinging from moods randomly, as in everything goes well then i'm feeling fine, small stupid thing that i do and shit up something then boom, day ruined and my mood swings to irritation and feelings of "i truly fucked up i'm an idiot". That's not how a 20 years old dude should act at all
This attitude then translates into discomfort with others then pushing them away with my bitchinness. I would like to delve more into relationship territory but I would just give a brief explanation because i think i need to identify it better, but like many other frens who may be reading this i yearn for an intimate relationship, seeing others who manage to have what i've never experienced really makes me feel like it's over for me and the likes, at first i thought i got a crush for a co-worker but it was just that, yearning for something i've never experienced, now i feel like i'm being an a-hole to her as well and since i saw her flirting with a co-worker well bothered me and makes me wonder how does he do it. Anyway I know there's the possibility to change but I don't really know how. Hopefully this thread will also be useful for other frens
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bb421 No.464

File: 1652791061610.jpg (826.76 KB, 1000x1000, Mastery.jpg)

>>>>>> STEP TWO: EDUCATION >>>>>>>>>
You've now identified some issues to work on, as well as (hopefully) some positives in your life. The particular problems that you have might vary, but OP is referencing issues that seem to be rooted in socialization. This is an extremely common area of deficiency among younger Americans, regardless of political persuasion. If you're an anon who reads this and has issues outside of that realm, you will need to do more research as to what materials can correct the issue.

For the general social reject who wants to be more like a “normal” person (if such a thing exists!), first understand that there is nothing virtuous in fitting in for the sake of fitting in. You certainly need the ability to be social and charismatic, but you shouldn't want to please your peers just for the sake of being liked. You should be aiming to build a solid foundation of social and seductive talents that allow you the freedom to pursue what you identified as your goal in Step One. Very few goals are made easier by a lack of charisma!

If your goal is merely a relationship for the sake of having one, please keep in mind that women are not interchangeable machine parts made to fill your basic needs. They each have their own hopes, dreams, preferences, and flaws. They may be understandable as a generalization—as if you're reducing them to a class rather than individualizing them. This is only an educational tool, so do remember to understand any woman you pursue as an individual. Women as individuals are not identical to women as a class. Also know that you shouldn't select a partner entirely by how sexually aroused they make you. Sex isn't something that should be taken lightly or used for disposable pleasure. If you make a habit of only pursuing and seducing women that you are genuinely interested/compatible with, you'll do much better.

So how do you learn to be charismatic? How do you learn to understand women, first as a class and then as individuals?

You read, anon.

Yes, just like the advice for “How do I have nicer teeth?” is as simple as “Brush them!” So too is our foundational advice seemingly obvious. The less obvious question might be “What do I read?”

Let me give you a list!
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

bb421 No.465

File: 1652791216733.jpg (402.43 KB, 1600x800, yogi-meditation.jpg)

If you read all of these then you'll be in much better shape to succeed socially and romantically! You must practice the techniques in these books until they are second nature. Read the advice and follow it! Don't blindly accept these books as pure truth, however, as you must remember that every word was written by a human being, who in turn has their own flaws. Be ready to correct and improve upon any techniques later—until you're ready to do so, it's best to try them as written.

If you're looking to improve in other areas (fitness, language skills, etc.) then, obviously, these books aren't going to do that for you. You'll need to do as Young suggests in Ultralearning: seek out the best resources available and devote yourself to devouring them!

>>>>>> STEP THREE: EXPERIENCE >>>>>>>>>

So you've read (or listened to) some of the above texts. You know how to read a person's body language. You understand how to practice a skill for long term success. You can earn a woman's interest without seeming cringe-worthy or saying something that'll haunt you at night for the next decade. What now?

Practice, practice, practice.

You should pick a discipline that you're genuinely interested in. Practice it daily. Maybe you want to play guitar, or maybe you want to paint a mural, or maybe you want to write a book, or maybe you want to build fine furniture. You don't need to find your perfect life's calling right away—just pick something you think you might like and start working on it. If you already have a skill or hobby you're practicing, then use the advice in the above books to improve your practice sessions as best you can. Record your daily progress and keep track of how many consecutive days you've practiced. Don't break that streak until you hit 10,000 hours, anon!

Next, challenge yourself to talk to strangers more. Interact with people. Flirt with women. Get rejected. It sucks, but a real mark of a strong man is his ability to remain unaffected by the whims of others. If a girl turning you down makes you have a multi-day spiral, you're the problem, not her. She's turning you down because you don't interest her. You don't seem like the right guy for her and she knows it. This isn't something I say to make you despair! It's onlyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

50653 No.467

The other anons have given excellent answers already, so instead I will give some motivation.

In college I took some classes on early education. For the most part, they were extremely useless and faggy, but there was one thing I took away: the concept of mindset.

Everyone falls on a spectrum in terms of mindset (growth mindset <-> fixed mindset). Someone with a growth mindset naturally believes they can change themselves or their behaviors, while someone with a fixed mindset naturally believes that they and their behaviors are more or less set in stone and unchangeable. Those with a growth mindset tend to achieve more than those with a fixed mindset.

I tell you this to say that before you start implementing advice from anyone here, work on your mindset first. You will fail at the things you try, but that is a natural part of life.

> Sometimes i'm swinging from moods randomly, as in everything goes well then i'm feeling fine, small stupid thing that i do and shit up something then boom, day ruined and my mood swings to irritation and feelings of "i truly fucked up i'm an idiot". That's not how a 20 years old dude should act at all

Not to play armchair psych, but this sounds to me as if your mindset is somewhat fixed. Fucking something up isn't the end of the world. You aren't an idiot for it.

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