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File: 1651375174236.png (519.13 KB, 728x546, download.png)

42d83 No.323

I have tried it all. The only thing I have found that let me meet girls I actually want to date is approach people and talk to them. The problem is our current society discourages having a friendly conversation with strangers, so you need to normalize it in your mind. This is a good intro video to get started:


Level 0. Go outside for an hour 3-7x a week, preferably where there are lots of people around (cities, church, the mall, coffee shops - bars and clubs are also possible, but i try to avoid them because it is normally too loud to actually talk to people).
Level 1. Go up to random strangers (men, women, old ladies, etc) and say hello.
Level 2. Give compliments
Level 3. Take the conversation further. Ask their opinion. Example: Say "Hello, you're cute. My friend says good looking girls have men come up to them all the time and talk to them. Does this happen to you?" or "Hello, I'm looking to try something new. What is your favorite thing to buy here (e.g. at a grocery store/coffee shop).
Level 4. Listen carefully and have a genuine conversation. Don't talk to her like you are trying to just collect her. Try to genuinely enjoy talking with her or you will not be attractive. And if it fails (it will probably will 90% of the time in the beginning), you can at least enjoy yourself and be happy that you had the balls to do what 99% of men cannot. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, she will not either. Be cheerful and nice, but do not be a pushover.
Level 5. Be man to woman. You can talk to her like your bro, but you need to make it clear you see her as a woman if you want to date/marry her. Look at her directly in the eyes and tell her when you like things about her. Also challenge her if she says something wrong, but don't go full 1488 or she will get scared. If you get rejected early on, that is actually good because you are at least ballsy enough that she realizes you are hitting on her, but it's a fine balance to do it in a cool, calm manner.
Level 6. Ask for her number to talk more.
Level 7. Continue. If you ask for her number then immediately leave, it will feel like you are not as cool. If you get her number then still talk for her for 10-15 minutes, it will seem much more natural and she will be more likely to respond to your texts/calls.
Level 8. Ask her to immediately go to shopping, sit down for some coffee/tea/boba, go eat, or participate in whatever you are doing. If you get her to do something with you (go for a walk) or do a favor (show you her favorite thing in a store), it helps to build a connection.

One key is that THIS IS WORK. It is not really a game, but it can be enjoyable work sometimes. It is not easy. Even when you get comfortable with it, it can become a full time job to go through thousands of women to find the right one who likes you and you like. And you will have to deal with tons of rejection, but you also get to select the girl you want. Remember that when rejection is hard you are a man, and real men try. Real men do not sit at home all day on the internet. I am not an expert, but I know this is the only thing that works. I've listened to everything 4chan, society, fedora tippers, and The Bible has to say, and I can say this is the only thing that works.

f38b4 No.325

File: 1651375998548.jpg (184.09 KB, 768x1024, 1651205823587.jpg)

This is cool and all, but I think you're missing the point.

It's all well and fine to approach women who you don't know to try and spark some interest, but the reality is most people don't get married/laid/whatever meeting chicks this way.

Most people meet the people they marry two ways

1. Through school/work/church or some time-consuming but social hobby like being in a band or, well, frequenting a local bar (not advisable)

2. Through an extended network of friends

The second option is usually the most sound. A huge secret I have uncovered that for whatever reason men do not understand: women are attracted to a community.

Money, looks, charm, being a musician, whatever. The common denominator in all those things is a healthy social life and a strong community of frens.
If you're an unironic stud with 10 mil in the bank, women don't really give a flying fuck if you don't have friends. Sure, they might use you for money or sex, but if you don't have a community of people to support you, attend your wedding (this one is key), travel with, etc., most women will not find you attractive.

The best advice I can give to men is to just try and make frens. Anybody, it literally doesn't matter. and be a good fren, too. Help people out, listen to their troubles, go to their birthdays, help throw a birthday. Don't be some lame asshole that just hits up people when you need something.

a143e No.326

Extremely perceptive, fren. Great advice.

42d83 No.328

File: 1651376719269.png (503.59 KB, 728x546, download.png)

I've tried meeting people through an network of friends. Talking to strangers who are women actually helps. I've been proposed to many times and had women literally ask for me to impregnate them.

Before, I had groups of friends introduce me to ugly, fat girls who did not suit me. After, I have had other women I tried to pick up (8/10) introduce me to (10/10) women.

You may be more normal, but I do not have many friends naturally, so I have to do it this way. I've also met girls through school/work/church, and it can work, but it is also stressful because if it doesn't work out, it can be a black spot on your daily life.

It sounds like you may be a normal person, and this advice is not for you. 80-90% of guys reject this approach outright because they think they know better. I've had people tell me they know better than me all the time. They do not. They are either 1. Normal people who have no problem marrying the first okay woman who comes along. 2. They think they know what they are talking about and they do not.

I've tried everything, including what you are saying. My point stands 100%. I would say to anyone reading this, try both methods and see where you get. Maybe your method will work better for some, but I'm 6'4", white, high IQ, good income, stylish, and your approach just did not pan out for me. It's night and day.

f38b4 No.329

File: 1651377309177.gif (1.92 MB, 257x193, 1651073062974.gif)

It's not about being normal or not normal, it's cause and effect. Your anecdotal experience with "not panning out" meeting people via social networks does not undermine the fundamental truth that women are attracted to community, which is a point I think you missed entirely.

You can meet women via your "pickup artist" tactics. Sure, go read your Return of Kings article and take some phenibut. It will probably get you laid. But long term relationships are not properly fostered if you do not have a mutual community who supports your relationship. It just doesn't work.

This is a fact of life for 6000+ years, fren. No YouTube videos or "talking tactics" will undermine the central method people have used to procreate since prehistory.

You seem highly narcissistic in how you view yourself, taking pride in being "not normal" – unironically like every teenage white girl ever – which might be the central issue why you haven't found any meaningful friends.

42d83 No.331

Sorry, your hypothetical analysis didn't work out. I only know what worked when I tried it. Nothing else I can say.

51a17 No.333

Are you married/with a woman you plan to marry?

f38b4 No.336

File: 1651380441607.jpeg (120.96 KB, 1080x1217, 1651011918760.jpeg)


Why are you in /sig/ if there's nothing for you to improve?

Did you see the pic related in my first post? I consider her a highly attractive female. The pic related in this post I consider meh and entirely uninteresting.

My point being I maintain high standards while nonetheless meeting women the traditional way, via organic networking. Often this is dependent upon the people you choose to hang out with as well. There is no problem with being choosy with who you consider a friend. In fact, it is a powerful tool to surround yourself with men and women of extraordinary intelligence, wit, charm and dashing good looks.

It appears you merely want to grace this board's population with the knowledge you have acquired watching YouTube videos made by frat boys. Nonetheless I will continue to use this thread as a Finding a GF general and calmly dismantle all of your points, because the frens reading deserve the truth.

From what I have seen, you have difficulty accepting that the entire framework of your understanding regarding women, the fundamental truths of the world and society at large, etc., are wrong. You are having trouble conceiving the fact that the issue with your inability to meet friends and have meaningful relationships with people that can be perfectly attractive, non-npc personalities, and non-"meh" women might not be their simultaneous faults, but, rather the fault of your own and the way you treat them.

The behavior you exhibit is one of the fundamental pillars of narcissistic personality disorder.

And no, I'm not diagnosing you with NPD, I'm merely stating your thought processes evident in your writing are rather textbook examples of narcissistic thought patterns.

Your difficulty accepting the truths of this world and your inability to explore alternative points of view are evident to your lack of intelligence, definitively not the other way around. Holding fast to muh pickup tactics is as stupid as it is pathetic. I wish you luck, fren.

a143e No.337

File: 1651380636946.png (1.31 MB, 1000x768, 1631441557402.png)

>Your anecdotal experience with "not panning out" meeting people via social networks does not undermine the fundamental truth that women are attracted to community, which is a point I think you missed entirely.

I have to updoot this one again. Op, try to understand where he's coming from with this. Its sound advice.

Consider the fear of public speaking a lot of people have. Some say its genetic, and goes back to ancient times when people would be voted out of the cave and would have to defend themselves verbally or face exile.

Women are extremely reliant on peer acceptance, more so than men. For a cave man, exile from the cave was hard but manageable. Men are better suited to survival in the wilderness. But for a woman, exile from the cave meant certain death. So women place a heavy emphasis on groups. Men are more independent.

If you get some decent friends around you who respect you and want to collaborate with you, it'll make it look like you're basically the mayor round these parts, and women will view you as having more sexual marketplace value than if you're just some wealthy narcissistic loner.

Pic unrelated

f38b4 No.340

File: 1651381316328.png (976.08 KB, 1591x640, 1651197864448.png)


updoot back. the Caveman analogy is fantastic. I had not considered the root of this phenomenon could be due to man's ability to survive more aptly on his own than women.

Also, the fundamental problem with Joos in Western European society is that they do not fit in with us. They view themselves as superior while alienating themselves from the general population. This is fundamental to their hatred towards anyone non jewish, and why they have such narcissistic tendencies, so one could say being the wealthy narcissistic loner is fundamental hebrewhavior

eabae No.344

>but I'm 6'4", white, high IQ, good income, stylish
Opinion accepted, siding with this guy not the reddit faggots using the word updoot and projecting hard. Unless you have friendly conversations with someone they'll remain a stranger. OP sounds like a lot of people I know and admire whose "organic social network" is simply all the people in his life.>>340 hardly alienating himself from the general population like a damn jew.

f38b4 No.346

File: 1651422251155.jpg (2.77 MB, 2011x2000, 009_film_list.jpg)


>high IQ

>simply all the people in his life

What the fuck is your point, precisely? That is exactly what an organic social network is, you fucking neanderthal

I don't care about a line of text an anon states about who or what he is. There's no way of verifying it and it has no significance to the point at large, which is my point precisely – women don't care about looks, money, IQ, etc as much as autistic retards like you think they do. They may be sexually attracted to it, but they have no interest in a long term relationship with someone who can't make friends with anyone/win over her family/be a meaningful member of a community.

The whole 'muh not normal personality' and 'muh high IQ muh 6' 4" look I'm as tall as a nigger bball player and smart as a jew" is a as much of a nuspeak reddit trannie trope as cutting your dick off.

4afee No.461

File: 1652742006265.jpg (45.79 KB, 600x600, future is most based.jpg)

fellow cold approach chad here. I got a 2 year relationship with a girl I met at a stoplight. Asked for her number while her window was rolled down. Took balls. Women respect that. She used to tell me, "I like how you take what you want, it's so hot."

Being able to brush off rejection is chad status. I think of it like a sales game, a numbers game.

a8b16 No.469

this is top tier advice, imagine what not having friends looks like to women…
this is one reason why I want to start some 1488 frens group in my area

3665c No.473

imagine what having nazi friends looks like to most women

5c8bc No.478

all it takes is for her to see at least two unconnected males at different times with national socialistic frens and she starts to wonder if there is something to it.

fd9f5 No.479

All you have to do is slowing show your power level. Bring it to a boil slowly so she doesn't really noticed it too bad and is already invested. If she tries to call you out have your friends back you up. If you and your buddies are normal decent people then she will be partially tricked into thinking it is not super strange behavior.

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