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File: 1652493368190.jpg (62.77 KB, 640x569, the high order of cats.jpg)

fc053 No.187[Reply]

This is a thread to tard out in! We shall reap the fucking whirlwind! No one can stap our tardation!
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9e68d No.981

File: 1656822314225.png (228.34 KB, 421x291, 1628531441634.png)

You guys I'm seriously!!! https://www.xnxx.com/video-10io0dc9/sex_amateur

Seeing is believing.

File: 1652967180952.png (313.62 KB, 638x359, 1643507765284.png)

ebe0a No.364[Reply]

You may be wondering.
>Wtf! why was my thread moved to tardpol?
Well fren, there are a couple of key factors that are met in order for your thread to get removed from /pol/ and dumped here.
>Does my thread only have 1 or 2 sentences and lacked quality?
>Does my thread lack the ability to start meaningful debate or conversation and is more of a statement?
>Does my thread look like or is low tier spam?
>Does my thread look like a shill or a slide?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, well that means you're in the right place.
>What happens now?
Well fren, other frens will most likely come in here and shit on your thread. But fear not! If it does manage to spark a great conversation, your thread will be redeemed and moved back to regular Pol.



File: 1656820129762.png (293.17 KB, 1490x1171, SLAVA UKRAINI SLAVA UKRAIN….png)

1e330 No.979[Reply]

Defend Ukrainian Culture

b52e5 No.980

FYI Dude… Any Russian or jewkraine thread made on /Pol/ automatic gets moved to /tardpol/

File: 1656816872642.jpg (224.85 KB, 1000x1000, faggot.jpg)

60bb3 No.976[Reply]

Why aren't you allowed to criticise Putin, a war criminal with the blood of innocent Ukranian women and children on his hands?

bb3ee No.977

File: 1656817078890.jpg (103.98 KB, 396x432, kik-eyes out.jpg)

68ac9 No.978

it wasnt banned just moved to the appropriate board


File: 1656815756515.jpg (224.85 KB, 1000x1000, bitch.jpg)

450dd No.973[Reply]

Friendly reminder that if you're simping right now for this fucking balding midget pedo faggot who kisses the nipples of little russian boys, you're a fucking traitor.
Based Ukraine
Based NATO
Based Zelensky
Based AZOV Battalion
Based brave Ukranian Patriots defending Ukranian Culture
Based Foreign fighters defending Ukraine

Slava Ukraini.

c265b No.974

File: 1656815868539.png (1.3 MB, 2163x1163, 1654555807930.png)

7f441 No.975

File: 1656816614649.gif (950.41 KB, 476x319, sniper deal with it.gif)

The butthurt over Lysychansk's kicking in.

File: 1653816476740.png (64.65 KB, 2330x570, race_mixing.png)

5c910 No.656[Reply]

beta incel? sub-par genes? suck at physical pursuits and mental ones too? white supremisists telling u to get a trad white woman, but there isn't any?
maybe its ok for u to go east and fuck bug women. /pol/ can decide

6f519 No.667

So instead of finding a human to mate with, you look for a bug? Get your bestiality fetish out of here.

0566c No.932

Not the worst mix, but still;
Miscegenation can lead to novel health problems emerging from the combinant organism, trouble sourcing transplants due to fairly unique chimeric blood group, and sensations of un-belonging in the offspring.

I mean, if you can't secure your personal genetic legacy any other way, I guess you might have to.

But it should never be a preferable option.

4578b No.972

fuck no

File: 1656467007051.png (228.77 KB, 298x320, kuz (2).png)

16a65 No.928[Reply]

Would you fight against Russia in WW3?
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38720 No.965

not a fucking chance.

56750 No.970

Unless conscription is rolled out I'm never fighting in any war. Even then, I'd be a conchie and probably do time in jail if they catch me. Chances are though that I'd be pressed into some sort of home front/dad's army scenario. I refuse to die for Jews

669f8 No.971

>Conscientious objector
Good call, forgot that was a thing.

File: 1653489962518.jpg (Spoiler Image, 721.45 KB, 2000x2000, 1548817134364.jpg)

7a3fe No.541[Reply]

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d7ec3 No.571

jews brfo

ff070 No.930

Even if this behavior could have been exploited at the time, it has likely been patched by now.
Three years like three decades in cyber-sec time.

517db No.966

based. it really exposes the shills and the bots

File: 1654981409526.png (356.51 KB, 956x817, 1654901194734.png)

1f366 No.933[Reply]

Really makes the noggin joggin. You would think that if the ADL does not regard the cross as a hate symbol, this would tell you that the symbol has no Racial value.

Why is it that anyone can wear a cross without being regarded as a White Supremacist? But all Pagan symbols are hate symbols. Shouldn't the cross be a hate symbol? Hmm…
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2e9e2 No.962

The ancient swastika is the true cross..

23f9a No.963

A) OP is a skaven shill
B) who cares what a skaven organization says
C) the kike symbol is the real hate symbol. it doesn't mean david but means remphat

dd85e No.964

File: 1656578053369.gif (203.64 KB, 220x190, 1654988298470.gif)

it needs to solely strengthen Europeans
and weaken all other races.
it needs to hate everything which isn't indigenous and never give ground to any outsider. It should enable the conquering of anyone who crosses our path if necessary.
it replaces universalist good/evil duality with racially specific honour solely towards kin. outsiders cannot be good.
it should be indigenous and racially specific to European people.
it should not seek to proselytize to other races.
it should give good moral character to our children of our race, and solely our own race. that will in this worldview give them the tools to protect beauty and the sacred through merit.
it should teach our children of their deep and Ancient history and make them see the blood of Aryan kings flows in their veins and if they so wished, they could trample anyone because of their heritage.
it should not impart a salvation complex where someone needs to save us, but instead our tradition should give us the worldview where we save ourselves, where Aryans become the most dangerous predator in Nature as we were in the past and other races become silent near us like how prey become silent near a predator.
peace is only possible with Aryan kin
Natural Law and Natural Order is recognized as the true manner of how the world is.
A tradition where we once again produce architecture, art and technology that matches or exceeds the Ancients.
And where we do not share what is our birthright with anyone.
It should be conducive to making the 14 words a reality in every way.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1655115282489.jpeg (655.75 KB, 2048x1080, 2D4EDD36-B376-4478-8836-F….jpeg)

31292 No.852[Reply]

My GOD these fucking jannies
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31292 No.910

Update from OP: The jannies at 4chan (kind of) listened. I appealed the ban, my appeal was denied but surprisingly the ban expiration date was shortened to June 20th which is today. Nice.

df342 No.911

4trans jannies are actual scum.
i'm shocked honestly. thats practically a successful appeal, which I dont think anyone's seen in about a decade

73e8d No.927

Fuckin' tell me about it
>Be on /tg/
>Having manly banter hacking together a goofy 40k racing game
>Suddenly, the troon nation attacked
>Mass reports anything spicy, killing the thread, and all discussion, and the project, that they weren't fucking involved in anyway

Trannies deserve to get bashed, always.

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