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File: 1649472567828.jpg (224.8 KB, 1200x750, hollywood_sign_hike-2-scal….jpg)

49f22 No.33

90% of the shit coming out of Hollywood is a remake, cape shit, woke trash, or some combination of the three. Surely they could make something original. Hell they hate European culture so much why not tell a story from another country's folklore or something? At least it would be something different. These movies have multi-million dollar budgets and they still suck ass. Hell movies from a communist country in the middle of a cultural purge are beating them at the international box office. Why can't they make anything good?

5b44d No.37

They are all made by Jews. Hollywood is all fantasy, zero reality. But fantasy ike by Howie Epstein and Larry Rothman.

b6386 No.44

Talent and skill and artistic vision are all seen as secondary concerns. What really matters most is that someone has the right politics, and the right level of moral relativity.

John Milius is one of the most skilled and talented directors currently alive, and even his movies that I don't care for are VERY well-directed and you can learn a lot about film direction just by watching any of his films. But he is "blackballed," or "blacklisted" in Hollywood because he is a "good old boy," very conservative, and very vocal about being pro-gun. Therefore, the Jews who run Hollywood refuse to let him make any movies or have any work, because he refuses to toe the line. According to him, he was even warned several times before he was "officially" exiled, and various people were sent to beg and bargain with him telling him, "look, you can think what you want, in your private life, you can do what you want, but you need to say the right things and act the right way in public and in the media."

ANYTIME you have a business or industry that is supposedly built on creative, artistic endeavors, but the creative aspect is seen as a very low priority compared to the willingness to conform and compromise and kowtow to the ruling body, you're going to see the creativity wither and die and be replaced by formulaic copycatting.

The same thing is happening over on 4chan. Creativity and originality are severely declining and more and more threads are just copies of copies of copies of things that have been posted millions of times already. The more creative and original someone is, the more they stand out from the herd and the more likely they are to be banned by some tinpot dictator of a mod.

b391a No.92

File: 1649618054756.jpeg (8.73 KB, 300x168, images (1).jpeg)

They survive because the bulk of the human race are soulless husks who just consoom. Personally, I have a couple acquaintances, one who has a broken screen that he can't turn down the brightness on and in turn ruining his eyes. And another one who listens to music too loudly, as in earrape levels, without a second thought. These people don't have a sense of quality, they consume the most bland shit like it's pure gold and will continue to do so repeatedly because they know nothing else nor have the ability to change their ways.

Those are the people Hollywood attracts, they're viewers that end up raking in the money for them.

9dfdc No.93

Or in other words: humanity is doomed because of ignorance.
And ofc Hollywood panders to the consoomers, they eat every shit smeared piece up like it's gold and somehow don't get bored by it.

>If people stopped watching garbage, we'd get actually good movies. Or smaller filmmakers would take over the market.

97116 No.96

The real question is, what can we do about it?

Not necessarily change Hollywood to produce better movies, but rather getting indie movies funded, or marketed to the public (so that people like you, dear op, would just know about them and watch them instead of complaining about hollywood), or something else.

i want to do something about things that bother me. So what can we do?

97116 No.97

i actually have an idea. for the start, we could make threads about actually good movies / directors / critics / studios we found. Starting with this imageboard, but make them on all other boards and social media that you have access to.

it's in our hands.

2014e No.113

It's never a losing strategy to cater to retards, you end up catering to the vast, overwhelming majority of people in one fell swoop.

9eae5 No.137

File: 1650015918705.jpg (222.65 KB, 1434x720, strange_days_end_of_the_wo….jpg)

I don't think there's much of an incentive not to.
There's multiple studios that exist entirely for making superhero rehash movies.
And yet…some people keep showing up.
I also think that for many years Hollywood was held together by a fair number of decent people who have simply walked away over the years.
Most of the people that remains are soulless degenerates who only care about making money.
And picrel.

bc322 No.280

Filmmaker here. I was Miliused, too. It's your politics that gets you funding now. Say no to Globohomo, no funding.

d5fa1 No.281

>They are all made by Jews
Who do you think Spielberg is for example? Notice the difference? Something's changed.

c30ca No.283

File: 1650514760873.jpg (84.07 KB, 700x414, c0d0b66227b82d28259d4a1281….jpg)

5fa03 No.287

Name names.

1a9d6 No.554

it's not really that they cater to retards, it's that (((corporations))) market retarded shit to people because it's cheap and easy to produce. They get better price margins by glossing a piece of poop that costs nothing to acquire or produce and marketing the hell out of it. it would cost way more to produce originality and quality, especially since they own all the marketing industries. why do you think niggers are pushed so hard? It's because they're cheap and their crap costs little to produce. Market the fuck out of it and poof people think it has value and they want it.

75ca0 No.571

good talent could try to work with foreign studios or low budget indy concepts. with good acting and writing you dont have to leave a house, a car or single outdoor location.
Ideas may not be new, but good dialogue can still make it interesting.

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