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File: 1652014777425.png (595.85 KB, 745x842, 1652009939049.png)

0121c №.485

The 14th Doctor is IN. Thoughts?

71853 №.488

*teleports to walmart*
*uses psychic paper to convince the old lady greeter that he's a doctor and has an IQ of 98*
*steals 3 steaks*
>universe saved

9f857 №.490

File: 1652063855563.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, Doers.jpg)

You know what I don't get from 4chan?
The defeatism and do-nothing attitude.
Now I have 1 question; "Are you a do'er or a don'ter?"

>all kidding aside

This nigger being the Doctor Who is perfect meme material.

niglet: "Mommy Who is my daddy?"
Nigher: "How da fuq U kno Who is ya daddy?"

I mean what's the nigger's name?
>Ncuti Gatwa
Holy fuck that is some fucking mumble tard shit ahahahahah

6226a №.528

His name appears to be some kind of word jumble I'm unable to solve.

6226a №.529

Perhaps it's Cunti Twaag?

93c93 №.540


Im suprised the new doctor is not also a tranny as well.

6024a №.558

Go woke go broke and they already did that with the female doctor and Thier woke storylines and retconning the first doctor to be a stronk black wahmen. And now this? It's like they are spitting in the face of true who fans. Much the same as they did to Trekkies with discovery. One white male on the whole crew and he is a raging faggot. You can't make this shit up!

c0cc3 №.580

They won't go broke, the British subsidize this with their TV loicense. It will destroy the franchise and they'll lose viewers. If you're in the UK, chances are you see too many niggers as it is, you certainly don't want more of them following you home onto your screens.

b95df №.601


0b3e8 №.661

This nigger's name looks like a word jumble. I'll avoid it the same as when they made the Doctor a chick just for the sake of "diversity".

35b24 №.1111

He's homosexual.

66b30 №.1112

I don't watch any new movies or shows.
I guess they're still staying afloat because most people haven't grown up and still give in to peer-pressure/"fomo" like schoolchildren.
But ultimately they don't care about profit, because they're backed by the same few people that have infinite money, so all that matters to them is the plans of their owner, lucifer, to pervert/corrupt/destroy everything that God loves (White Men and Europe).

a018f №.1149

Made for BWC (Big Welsh Cock.) That's how he got the role, you know.

25e67 №.1177

Every person I know who back in 2012-2014 who were Dr. Who fans has long since moved on. The show is on fumes and subsidies at this point, No one cares, outside of people like us who point and laugh

b015c №.1214

File: 1662200720151.jpeg (107.56 KB, 1000x1200, Tardis Tankard.jpeg)

I am looking to watch some Doctor Who shows. My questions are:

1. Which Doctor is worth watching?
2. Where can I watch it? (Besides torrenting)
3. Which Doctor should I avoid?
4. And what should I know before watching the show?

f4e4b №.1218

File: 1662224540218.png (588.06 KB, 451x952, gay nigger.PNG)

wait till you see the nigger tranny

d41ef №.1223

>1. Which Doctor is worth watching?
From the modern ones, all but the woman.
>Where can I watch it?
Should be on BritBox. Maybe. In some territories it's on Netflix/Prime.
>3. Which Doctor should I avoid?
The chick.
>4. And what should I know before watching the show?
The Doctor is a time-travelling alien. That's it. Everything else is explained as you go. Start with the 2005 revival show, it'll be easier.

d41ef №.1224

File: 1662246463790.webm (2.94 MB, 472x348, input.webm)

>posting bait
The tranny will be Donna's son who happens to be called "Rose." It's clearly meant to show that Donna subconsciously remembered her time with the Doctor. Xe will not be a companion either.

4961d №.1352

I dreamt about Nick Briggs last night

9befd №.1354

What did he whisper in your ear, anon?

4961d №.1360

We love stories
The rest of the dream was completely unrelated to Doctor Who but for the fact that Briggs was in it. We were just doing normal stuff like shopping and taking the bins out, I think we might have been a couple

9befd №.1361

That's pretty fucking gay, anon.

b1cb1 №.1586

I'm living under a rock because I hadn't heard the news about this at all despite it being announced back in May. I just had a feeling after making The Doctor a fucking woman next would be a damn nigger. I told myself in my head that the show just got fucking canceled after Peter Capaldi.

3581e №.1588

>The future is here
And we're the conspiracy theorists.
Of course 20 years ago the girl following the doctor was a coal burner so whatever.

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