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File: 1656824131691.png (147.92 KB, 500x359, 1656235373827.png)

d4dad No.1089[Reply]

found any good deals on the steam sale? I picked up a few indie games no ones probably heard of; vampire survivors, distant worlds, and shadow warrior redux.

anyone get anything cool?

280d5 No.1090

File: 1656851503868.jpg (510.71 KB, 2560x1440, 1175360_20220701193558_1.jpg)

I got Doomsday Hunters and the Risk of Rain 2 dlc. I dont even like rogue shit that much but I often end up playing it anyway. Might get Infernax as well, seems like a solid game.

File: 1649409546897.jpg (40.29 KB, 600x600, 1.jpg)

e7a9c No.63[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Minecraft frenworld server when?
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1f953 No.1086

It’s a damn shame that we won’t be able to use the old map as it had a lot of nice builds.

1f953 No.1087

At this point, as the mods themselves here are going to make a server, maybe just make a world download

5e0e5 No.1088

Moved to >>>/z/2401.

File: 1650506434521.png (2.95 MB, 2560x1440, inbound7906999132376744115.png)

71b1b No.327[Reply]

>Spend 2 hours doing bounty hunter missions

> get 3 tokins

>buy a cool Schofield Revolver Skin

>Realization hits me

>i have to buy it with my money i

can't use tokins

> I only get paid 12$ to 22$ Dead Or Alive

>Schofield Skin Costs 600$

>MFW I spend 2 hours in game to redeem an item I have to buy
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d23cd No.650

Those blue tokens are just to unlock stuff from roles. Then you have to buy them with ingame dollars (never buy with real money, you don't need to and I will explain the best way to get money)
For money, the most efficient job to do is trader. But you want to have friends. It takes minimum of 4 hours to build up a full trader wagon to 100% and you will get 600$ for it. Now if you are hunting and doing some other role passively it will be even better. I do Moonshiner and Collector. So, if you have friends you can line all the wagons up and do them one after the other. You need friends for protection also. For a friends wagon you will get 300 something
I have 350000$. I don't even need the money, I just do it for friends and XP

I don't know why I still play this broken shitty game. Been playing for over 3 years

It's the same for console. The game is riddled with Cronus noobs and glitchers

da974 No.731

Get the naturalist and one of the route maps. Can make $1000 in less then an hour easy. Even more if you happen to complete a bunch of sets in the progress.
Bounty hunter is only good for gold and fun. Now I just do moonshine get even though its fucking cancerous and pay is terrible compared to trader and naturalist.

7d460 No.1085

>At my house sitting job the homeowner has me
develop his Red Dead Online character.

File: 1649731278676.jpg (1.02 MB, 1280x960, Postal_2_E3_2003.jpg)

68002 No.454[Reply]

Post 'em, jannies deleted this thread from 4gay.
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2b6b2 No.521

>and more easily cooperative with NPCs and randos
In the few weeks I've been playing World of Warships, I've learned how to use the typical NPC playstyles to my advantage. Very fun to draw an enemy battleship into an unintentional ambush of blueberries hugging the map edge because he thought he could score an easy kill off a lone destroyer. No matter how the fight turns out, even if I get fragged in the crossfire, I always love pissing in their cheerios.

BTW, WoWS is definitely not a based game though. The usual replacing the swastika with a cross bullshit to avoid hurt fee-fees and sell to places. Plus the grindy progression system is typical of F2P games, although the hit-reg system is less reliant on RNG than it was in WoT.

955dd No.569

File: 1652241708324.jpeg (333.67 KB, 1192x670, 2444CA50-9E67-4C12-B1CC-7….jpeg)

dayz is where white men assert dominance

every black player model plays and dies like a black nigger, while whites help eachother form a functioning society
female player models are troons that often make use of the literal suicide button

cdc0a No.1079

Chad Gaming

File: 1656738344101.png (322.66 KB, 1295x1687, Minarchy v1.2 Front Cover.png)

a7aa6 No.1071[Reply]

1st Edition Edition

Minarchy TTRPG Version 1.0 Commercial

Minarchy: Active Shooter Trailer (Steam 4-20-22)

Minarchy v1.2 Review

Cloud Sprout

48788 No.1075

As someone who has read dozens of systems I can at least say that this system stands out as being the most autistic which isn't the worst outcome. At least the creators efforts resulted in that.

File: 1656220444053.png (98.9 KB, 320x370, StellarisPepe.png)

6c359 No.1008[Reply]

ITT: We act like the galactic community discussing Stellaris things whilst roleplaying as Stellaris empires of whichever kind you like
Alternativly just talk about Stellaris
Stellaris species portraits to add as files: https://stellaris.paradoxwikis.com/Species
Stellaris Wiki in case you need to look something up quickly to roleplay/ask better

Ill start:
(talking to fellow Pepes in the 4cuck Empire during a Revolt)
>Friends, we must free ourselves from this Regime and form our own Empire! Our so called Leaders are brainwashed by the Longnose Merchant Guild and I have proof. Here are species reports that confirm what we all thought. These fanatically Spiritualist are indeed psychic, talking per telephaty, maybe even able to control thoughts and potentially rewrite them. The Channies Species is especially vulnerable to this seeing as they are rather dull-minded, no offense
Friends, today we shall raise our own Flag here and create our truly fitting Empire ourselfes. Today marks the day of the Frenspire! Pepes, Unite!
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ecb71 No.1054

Frens these dark creatures brought by the hooknosers are no good we must rid of both as soon as possible.

1c43d No.1055

File: 1656651228782.png (120 KB, 545x478, 1538132651881.png)

pretty based

48f2b No.1073

File: 1656740796970.png (134.29 KB, 360x430, SpaceDinosaur.png)

Despite making up just 12% of our Colonies demographics, Dark Humans make up 56% of our criminals.
They are over halve of our Prison colony, can you imagine that? Why do we even keep up the Migration pact with the Oyveylian Merchant Guides again?
The Soymalians are also very dull minded. Why dont we just put them on our Agriculture and Mining Worlds whilst pulling the smarter ones back in the Tech and Factory Worlds?
Also not to sound like a fanatic Xenophob but how exactly did one of the Oyveylians manage to be elected as a Governor for our Core Sector? Feels really weird. Why not our the main Species, the Pepes? Why not one of us Xenos who actually praises our Empire? He openly shittalks the Frenpire each time.

File: 1648932915040.jpg (22.56 KB, 1200x630, ogimg.jpg)

a07d3 No.14[Reply]

What are you guys currently working on? How goes your game deving? How do you like frenschan so far?
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96d06 No.148

Waiting for Unreal Engine 5

0743d No.149

File: 1649785950011.png (149.55 KB, 500x540, image_2022-04-12_134558605.png)

> be me, programmer
> have cool idea
> start making videogame
> get some of the basic functionality figured out
> "now I need some assets for my characters. The game must look good"
> too cheap to buy them online
> too autistic to just use some basic one
> try to make them myself
> it takes too long
> give up
> months later have another cool idea
> repeat
My latest idea was to have some 2D game about some paladin dude bullying monsters and collecting monster girl waifus
I tried learning how to draw, and then did this single CG, but it took me forever to get to this point, and I didnt like the way it was looking so I just gave up on everything instead of fixing it
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1b1f4 No.1064

Working on a jump and run for some practice. Making a level editior to make work easier. Finally got some time again for that after escaping the wagie cage.

File: 1656381336384.png (917.92 KB, 1280x720, Bild_2022-06-28_035458705.png)

639ed No.1027[Reply]

We got any fellow bhoppers among us?
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444b6 No.1029

Every commentary Youtubers

8a0aa No.1041

We must learn to capitalize on the algorithm like we used to. I want to see more "REAL!!! SS NAZI UNIFORM UNBOXING!" pushed in the recommended. Or "Surprise Jewish girl!! (I found her in my attic?)". They push their groomer shit onto the masses through the algorithm, why not us?

135da No.1053

Former source zmod player. Would annihilate jewish kike zombies on the daily while avoiding the sneaky cade breaker subverter jews
niggers, l farted on a jew
Simple as

File: 1656235373826.png (1.14 MB, 903x804, Capture.PNG)

9edaa No.1011[Reply]

When you play videogames just take a break from the bullshit soyciety has to offer.
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34e9a No.1049

But most of them are trash if not MK Ultra torture

34e9a No.1050

Misnomer. I don't want my hate of games mostly from gooks associated with this incorrect take.

Games were ALWAYS bad.
Grindy, inconsistent, full of senseless bloatware, bad.

Take Earthbound. If you defend it you never played it. Justify mushroom condition, you can't, it's just annoying.

Final Fantasy was just as annoying. As was Fire Emblem.

All games are bad but especially Japan's.

26846 No.1051

seconding battle brothers

been playing vampire survivor. great value for $3

File: 1651212704228.png (364.26 KB, 427x427, external-content.duckduckg….png)

177c2 No.441[Reply]

anyone on here still play this gem? been playing medic more and the team has been improving.
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d3cfb No.511

File: 1651628769699.jpg (101.54 KB, 659x960, 1651164947053.jpg)

wrong again klaus, kalo mina!

8ac13 No.1045

whites literally move first (superior)

b3d3d No.1046

File: 1656592751369.png (31.1 KB, 551x734, 1645312444305.png)

>he doesn't play battlefield 1942

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