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File: 1649782956351.jpeg (33.73 KB, 498x371, 64D6305E-DF40-46BD-8179-8….jpeg)

14165 No.76[Reply]

Are the gnostics correct? Is it possible this world was created by the demiurge and Jesus came to save us?
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93a79 No.543

File: 1653158099985.jpg (80.96 KB, 502x564, ds13-1929.jpg)

Oops, i posted the wrong picture

93a79 No.544

File: 1653158235542.jpg (276.89 KB, 945x1390, national-socialism-nazism-….jpg)

Another pic from der sturmer

93a79 No.545

how do i delete unwanted posts?
This pic was for a bad political cartoon compilation on ***an.

File: 1649807182883.jpg (103.06 KB, 750x742, 1649204675167.jpg)

eba16 No.81[Reply]

Anyone here ever successfully made contact with beings not of this world?

Can this be done via astral projection? Anyone have any tips for doing so?
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98900 No.478

i had a meeting with an angel once. its funny because they look at us or me rather, in that moment, as a silly little creature, but when you see them around they are kind of similar in that regard.

we mostly talked about my dumb stuff i had going on, they weren't terribly interested to be honest, but they were cool about it, like no judgement, just curiosity.
it held my hands and they got really cold, i actually didn't like that but it was a new experience to me so maybe it was something i was doing.

19e6a No.533

I spoke to a nigger once at a walmart. Had no idea what it was saying but l understood when it said hello. Didn't seem too friendly of a creature nor very advanced, I'm not thoroughly convinced they are intelligent space aliens,but in fact dark creatures either spawned from jews fucking or brought by space aliens as a bioweapon that jews ended up using. Either way, i dont like niggers.

48d6b No.540

>One time I heard a voice in my head that was the Sun saying it would burn away everything false, it was kind of a moment of judgment. It felt very big and not at all merciful.
you might like Starmaker
book about a guy on a trip who mind melds with a human-like alien (race of people who taste with feet/hands, honest upright alien folk known as "salt of the earth"), and then they go on a trip to find other, less-like-human aliens
and then that continues on till, well… i won't spoil any more

File: 1651199997719.webm (3.91 MB, 468x264, commercial.webm)

78ad6 No.232[Reply]

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bc90d No.537

File: 1653094558570.png (951.28 KB, 1736x763, z.png)

bc90d No.538

after everything gets that pozzed americans just want to go to back to the times of classical liberal democracy.

they will go to tranny concentration camps instead.

bc90d No.539

File: 1649102016300.png (117.33 KB, 2048x2048, 2048px-Black_Sun.svg.png)

4f22e No.12[Reply]

What is the best system to beat kabbalah?
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41473 No.477

all histories are as fictional as all futures, all that exists is here and now. invest a past to justify, a future to pursue, and you'll know the moment in which you live

54c09 No.486

Mithraism is suspect on the grounds that the Mithraists infiltrated the Eleusinian Mysteries. Zoroastrianism is suspect for its monotheism. Another Iranian group sacked the Temple of Apollo. Marcus Aurelius rebuilt the Temple and reinstated the Mysteries.
Stoicism was founded by a Phoenician who spoke a Semitic language. Just as the Egyptians did not speak an Indo-European langauge, I have no doubts that Phoenicians were also Nordic.

dcff6 No.536

Farting on jews
Simple as

File: 1650833777529.jpg (21.35 KB, 199x261, 61758bdcc911f29759fa93abae….jpg)

ca4f0 No.199[Reply]

Do you ever think something and then see something and it freaks you out?
Not like thinking of a yellow cab and seeing it, but more like thinking
>Man what the fuck am I going to do to solve this
and then the news comes on of a dude solving his money/losing job problems by killing his whole family and setting the house on fire.
And then you think
>hehe that's a good idea jk lol lmfao rofl
and just as you think that the reporter says
>The man's facebook was fu of dark humor one post said: "whats the big deal, you are going to die anyway?
Now this didnt happen to me its just an example, but man its freaky when shit like that happens.
Im not schizophrenic, I dont think the radio is talking to me.
its just wild

d208b No.323

Yes. I was thinking about the Beavis and Butthead Cher video (never googled Beavis and Butthead or Cher). Suddenly, the music video shows up on my Youtube recommendations. Weird.

8f106 No.526

quite often when I am near televisions, a word will be spoken by me and then l will hear it right after on the television. People have noticed too.

84154 No.535

When l drive l will choose a random route to get to my destination and every time l choose a different one, I'll see my own car.

File: 1649937732072.png (16.63 KB, 96x96, image_2022-04-14_070203.png)

03075 No.97[Reply]

Was Francis E Dec right?

117e7 No.324

Yes, the Frankenstein Gangster Computer God is not to be trifled with.

99948 No.534

>jamie pull up the video

File: 1651676543072.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20220502-201914.png)

d8d38 No.272[Reply]

>Piss off certain people at 4chan
>By being too right about things and then sharing those things
>Receive eerie warning containing + 60% correct personal information about you, disguised as "a thread"
>Ignore this warning
>Experience sudden dreams that intensify this warning with strong added flavor of GET BACK, STOP OR ELSE
>Dreams depict great violence performed upon you and have distinct political and supernatural air
>Specific politicians appear in your dreams raping others and then you
>Dreams extremely repulsive
>Good guy feds and military disperse dream then present military 411 and instructions you can actually read
>Instructions work, 411 proves later true
>You are not supposed to be able to read in dreams but in these, you can
>Telling truth on 4fuckery results in rinse repeat of the above points
>Warnings often contain your address or very nearby locales
>This is completely insane

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11d4a No.525


16280 No.528

>ftw fbi has the largest collection of cp on the planet

ce11c No.532

Good thing with these text captchas all the feds can do is call you a soyboy

File: 1650131409240.png (418.57 KB, 2119x1564, dinosaurs-svg-dinasour-9.png)

28c58 No.127[Reply]

They're obviously fake, right?

Not a single person found evidence of them until 1677, like what the fuck is that?

Say they are fake. The amount of time, dedication, etc it would take to globohomopill the entire planet is no easy task. The risk:reward seems uncharacteristic. What's the endgame here?
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8ca08 No.522

They are fake; I once sold them at the general store long ago but now we only sell seed and feed.

8ca08 No.523

(((they))) keep trying to ship engineers and doctors from africa, but all it has brought is crime and murder.

ad534 No.527

File: 1653030604800.jpg (46.31 KB, 600x600, 1598206031251.jpg)

i think some are more 'real' than others.

File: 1650504572036.gif (284.32 KB, 1280x529, Helen Oliver.gif)

5a663 No.175[Reply]

Hi frens. I noticed some advertising on largechan and figured I'd pop by.

I'm not sure where this would go given the board structure, /rel/ seems staunchly Christian, and while this could go to /his/ or /lit/ I will defer to tradition and post here. This is my library, that I regularly update on the aforementioned largechan. It contains about 55 gb and 6000 books of rare, out of print, expensive, unpublished, academic, and otherwise hard to find books on occult and magic. Included is a significant portion of the Yorke Microfilms of the Warburg Collection, Crowley's unpublished papers, a mostly full Xoanon folder, and a huge cache of academic stuff.


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83908 No.334

File: 1652184098676.jpg (167.41 KB, 579x720, trivium_quadrivium_2.jpg)


f9b27 No.336

Namefagging tripple vaxxed glownigger over at 4fags (Ape of Thoth). Just letting everyone know. His collection is legit though.

ca84f No.519

File: 1652987236043.jpg (264.17 KB, 1000x2000, reading-list.jpg)

/x/ is a good catchall.
do you publish torrents for your library at all?
heres thee library v1.5 link for anyone interested in this other collection:
this list gets posted a lot on big brother chan, must be good right?

File: 1652106369240.jpg (112.6 KB, 960x960, psychicinterweb.jpg)

b2ca2 No.316[Reply]

Memes for the coming awakening.
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b2fc8 No.516

File: 1652985944490.jpg (92.78 KB, 640x640, 1643540967813.jpg)

b2fc8 No.517

File: 1652986266898.png (610.36 KB, 567x519, 1642918036104.png)

b2fc8 No.518

File: 1652986352186.png (897.38 KB, 799x779, 1650117080529.png)

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