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File: 1656300501344.jpg (5.76 MB, 4624x3468, 20220312_184648.jpg)

7c164 No.1005[Reply]

Hello, yes! It's the very first /bg/
This is the thread for dispensing blessings at the request of frens everywhere! Here's how it works;

>if you are a wizard fren and you would like to grant blessings

Be as transparent as your practice allows and keep it cozy. You may politely deny a fren's request if you are not comfortable with it. You are forbidden from casting unwholesome magic in or at /bg/ or at any of the related frens.

>if you are a fren looking for a blessing

Simply ask for a blessing. Do your best to specify what you need, but please keep it cozy. If you don't specify, any of our wizard frens may bless you with whatever beneficial things they see fit.
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77284 No.1048

File: 1656549317644.jpg (874.28 KB, 2273x2511, 441D26DE-50B1-464D-A3AD-BC….jpg)

you and me both wizard fren, feel better lad

22bed No.1053

Bless you wizard fren, I hope things get better soon for you.

7c164 No.1124

File: 1656857971189.webm (1.53 MB, 640x640, 1656020731752.webm)

Hello, yes! I am back!
As promised, let's get you that blessing…

File: 1656737534964.jpg (42.31 KB, 640x480, 1656721410513.jpg)

c55c9 No.1099[Reply]

On July 5th they're booting up CERN again. And we will enter the good timeline. I just trolled my friends earlier by suggesting that even if the Jews were controlling this world, they can make mistakes. And in their sin, aka failures, it'll actually make the world a better place. Less loosh, less demiurge, more wife and kids, more good jobs, you're gonna make it.
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489a5 No.1104

Is this the end of steins gate?

As this fren says, I am inclined to believe particle physics is a bullshit field designed to employ dead weights.

1748c No.1106

But the CERNs purpose is explicitly to fuck with the particles that cause time to exist; the Higgs is supposedly the source of time itself.

da3ac No.1123

>But the CERNs purpose is explicitly to fuck with the particles that cause time to exist; the Higgs is supposedly the source of time itself.

That's not what the Higgs boson is, and that's not why CERN is a thing. Additionally, just because CERN is conducting experiments that replicate processes concerning the Higgs boson, doesn't mean they are fucking with THE Higgs Boson. That would require a time machine that allowed them to somehow go back in time on the subatomic level and then also allowed to conduct experiments in that nativized instance. Additionally-additionally, you realize those long AF tubes are tubes for a reason, right? Like, do you think water getting pressurized in one home pressurizes water in EVERYONE'S home or something? Because that's technically what you CERN loons believe is somehow happening here.

File: 1656809233185.jpg (55.68 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

547cb No.1117[Reply]

(this image unedited)

76b21 No.1120

looks like a fag

29453 No.1122

Lame copypasta and the picture I'm pretty sure is a wild dog's mouth and eyes pasted on a distored and whited out face

File: 1650148127048.png (660.66 KB, 625x585, __________________________….PNG)

aff78 No.132[Reply]


34f1c No.1055


1e9ae No.1121


File: 1656727921078.png (155.18 KB, 1159x852, 1587540243415.png)

d933b No.1092[Reply]

What is the Gate program, and why were so many of us schizos part of it? Lets find out.
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713b8 No.1115

File: 1656806950658.jpg (5.01 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_0806.JPG)

can confirm, they tried to sway me towards jewesses since holy shit kinder.
>kinder Kristina
>1st grade Gabriella
>2nd angela agsomething
>3rd grade i skipped
>4th grade elise mccarty, teachers daughter
>5th grade don't rememver
>6th grade carlee arliss
>7th grade ashley worliss
>8th grade no cunny that year kek
>9th grade britney macsomething
>10th grade tiffany, she was aturbo looking jew
>11th grade adriana LOPEZ (sephardic latina jewess, had star of david necklace
>12th grade adriana again
>uni years 1-3 a girl named devynn abrams
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52b8a No.1118

it was a test that measured fluid iq, pattern recognition, maybe critical thinking. basically, how conscious you are. thats why so many of us are here. something or other tipped our hand into realizing red jew blue jew wasnt working. most gate related spooky stuff is easily explained. first born sons? dead ringer for intelligence. law enforcement going easy? high pattern recognition is going to lead to submission to rules and rule enforcers, probably displays subconsciously, also smart ppl more likely to have careers and behave. habits are patterns so if a gate tries drugs its gonna become an addiction. windows covered bc auxiliary rooms used.

i have brown eyes, never got an israeli art hoe, windows uncovered, no brain bun, not followed or stalked, not interested in /x/ (saw this on overboard i typically just effortpost pol), never tried drugs or got drunk, but high openness to experiences.

george out.

d933b No.1119

jewesses somehow always find their way near Aryans in school. I sometimes think that the entire point of high school or college is to allow yentas to gather an Aryan and marry into their bloodline and absorb their genes. very parasitic. and of course unless your parents warned you about them, you won't know how to spot and avoid them.

File: 1656736387578.jpeg (50.46 KB, 472x360, sacral chakra.jpeg)

e9e0a No.1097[Reply]

Activate your sacral chakra. If you do you will be more creative and have more fun. If you are more creative you will make more posts here, and better more funs posts as well. If you do that this place will grow and we will have more fun and attract more frens.
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e9e0a No.1113

how much money did they have in there?

e9e0a No.1114

File: 1656800147413.png (69.77 KB, 585x327, anti-semitic vampire trope….png)

The jew shemale admits it

8a85d No.1116

about $32,000 American. I found out later that they use these accounts as a personal ATM that is almost impossible to trace back to the real account name, they simply put an address in the particular country they are operating in. They buy organs, human organs, boats, cars, they treat it like their own ATM and its untraceable. I visited the residence they listed, empty lot, run down houses. The reason I was tipped off was because a US marshall was investigating money laundering and I was implicated. I fully agreed to be a part of the investigation, I had nothing to hide. That's when he told me I was a victim of
>those kike bankers opening up accounts in other people's names

File: 1652231154707.jpg (202.77 KB, 673x900, kundalini--2010-karmym.jpg)

2bfa3 No.342[Reply]

Most of you already know this but.
>Watching pornography causes you to lose spiritual energy.
What you may not know but most likely intuit is…
>It's not just masturbation or ejaculation that causes you to leak off this energy but being aroused at all. In real life, this is useful for exposing your spirit like a peacock.
>The spread of pornography is done intentionally to make you constantly lose this spirtual energy.
>They don't just do to pacify you but also to harvest this energy from you for themselves.
Here are some things you probably don't know.
>When you have sex, the spiritual energy you leak is maintained through a closed circuit with your female partner.
>This can only happen through vaginal sex. The promotion of oral and anal sex in pornography is done to cause you to lose the spiritual energy that would otherwise be maintained.
>Ejaculating outside of the vagina is one of the biggest tricks the pornographers have pushed on us, it is a huge mistake and the amount of spiritual energy they get off of you when you do such a thing is immense.

Pornography isn't just bad because of the health reasons or because it's a sin against god. It's also bad because it's a coordinated raid against our collective spirit that fuels the machine of evil.

Spread the word.
Source: If you know, you know.
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79f98 No.1085

File: 1656697262101.jpg (24.28 KB, 453x470, 6587.jpg)

oh no

c9747 No.1086

You're doing a really bad job of it you court jester. All you're doing is making me smile at how clumsily you side step what I say while hoping anonymous people on the internet don't figure out I'm right on the money.

When you're 50, what do you think you'll have accomplished with your life, what do you think you'll be proud of?

Do you think it's worth living to see?

713b5 No.1107

That sounds much healthier, I'll do that instead: Thank you Fren

File: 1656417884086.jpg (538.62 KB, 1080x689, 1642049302836.jpg)

8b810 No.1021[Reply]

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40530 No.1067

Was there any one else there with you?
How would a god (Prime Actuator) be affected by time? or is there a god that created that one?

8b810 No.1091

File: 1656715872429.gif (1.98 MB, 624x352, Arcastragalus.gif)

>Was there anyone else there with you?
Just me and my Actuator, "Alistair", pretty much.
>How would a god (Prime Actuator) be affected by time?
They aren't; pretty much ALL of the actuators are capable of "time travel" once they become tenured/experienced enough - since they are not organic nor en materia fons et fons, they are not bound by classical restraints. They have access to time "Larkquohins". That's essentially the ability to peg an aspect of yourself to some object in space-time that has cohered of your particular coherence state, and then attach a "backup copy" of yourself. Except it's not (you) that goes back but rather a thoughtform of sorts. There are ways to achieve and refine it if you are conscious sapien. The transterrestrials for example have this neat little headset they can put on that puts them in a kind of hypnagogic state; in this state, it is possible to make a virtualized agent of yourself and then control it at the appointed time/place where you have a copy available to start an instance.

>is there a god that created that one

Unironically, humans are technically the ONLY "god" of time, since we are the only species to have appointed such a clarifying distinction on what is essentially momentum's dictation over organic. Other species simply refer to what we would call time as "proceedence" - something to do with how you can only really go back in time but not forward is why they named it such.

40530 No.1105

What is this fren?

File: 1656009117670.gif (907.7 KB, 498x300, pepe wizard.gif)

a66af No.834[Reply]

Anyone know how to do an effective one?
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9d477 No.1062

can you tell us the basics of how you do magic? in case frens want to learn to cast their own money spells.

give a man a fish and he eats for a day. teach a man to fish ans he eats for his whole life

9ae24 No.1066

Hello yes, I can teach you the mechanics of it
The trick to it is positive feelings. If you can feel joy within yourself, no matter what your ritual is, it will manifest the thing that you are focused on. Invent a ritual that represents the getting of fat stacks or don't, as long as you feel that joy and thankfulness towards the result. Another useful tip is to not specify how you get these fat stacks, just be thankful that you have them
You are already a wizard, fren! Any of you can do what I do

b7c54 No.1090

File: 1656705054545.jpeg (15.83 KB, 320x240, R (15).jpeg)

This is almost identical to what Neville says. Neville even takes it a step further saying you don't need ritual aka affirmations. You have to live in the feeling, and not concern yourself with the how as your mind will go to limiting beliefs if you try to impose the how.

File: 1655943117352.png (629.44 KB, 1536x1326, ass.PNG)

af4a1 No.823[Reply]

This is my first thread on /x/. Don't be rude to me. So I won't elaborate any further but I believe that cookies have become quantumN. WELL not cookies per say but AI algorithms and such are pretending to be satan and more global society shenanigans (vaxx) are making people believe in the devil/demiurge (both egregores can affect the ego in a way that blackpills them and cause psychosis).

Blackpills/psychosis for those who are lost on the internet deepens depression and causes confusion when they can't figure out what is happening. (newfags/me). Psychosis/nigger fatigue for normies is absolute ego breaking and it will make them dependent on government care and they will constantly take abuse from ((friends)) who laugh behind their backs.
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633e0 No.1058

You have to say nigger or you are a giganiggerjew

c1aa3 No.1088

File: 1656697748039.jpg (150.38 KB, 839x690, Shit-Eating Grin.jpg)

The post count you're looking at is per-thread, not board-wide. I speak my mind all over the place here. Check my number. Anyway, your post doesn't make any sense. That's why the green fren called you a bot.

a8b34 No.1089

Say nigger OP. We're all frens here.

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