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File: 1650131409240.png (418.57 KB, 2119x1564, dinosaurs-svg-dinasour-9.png)

28c58 No.127

They're obviously fake, right?

Not a single person found evidence of them until 1677, like what the fuck is that?

Say they are fake. The amount of time, dedication, etc it would take to globohomopill the entire planet is no easy task. The risk:reward seems uncharacteristic. What's the endgame here?

c08f4 No.128

People before that time didn’t have time to dig up lizards they were trying to avoid starvation

b1294 No.129

bones of dinosaurs were considered giants' bones or some shit before, also Europe has less dinosaur bones than other continents because is has low elevation and was unserwater during the Mesosoic

50db3 No.130

Dinosaurs are certainly real. Same goes with evolution. But, at which means they are shown in the media is the problem as it attempts to invalidate religion and it's respective teachings leading to the mess we are in right now.

661f8 No.134

>Not a single person found evidence of them until 1677, like what the fuck is that?
How do you think dragon legends originated?

33fd3 No.136

they thought they were dragons and shit

9177d No.140

File: 1650187892824.jpg (251.37 KB, 1171x700, anonymous_rex_zurich.jpg)

194c2 No.141

Is my flag allowed to post here?

54fc7 No.142

Yes of course!
The Aland islands are awesome, i hope to visit them someday.

194c2 No.143

You are very welcome, my dear fren! I liek new frens.

45c99 No.145

there are accounts of huge living reptiles or monsters that were terrorizing cities, villages etc since antiquity until medieval.

60bfa No.147

I believe in Dinosaurs. Why not? God created all these other wonderful animal species, why not Dinosaurs?
>Not a single person found evidence of them until 1677
What do you mean? I'm sure people dug up Dinosaur bones, they just didn't know what they were. Archeology in general only really started in the 1800s. There are SO MANY human cultures we only discovered in the past 100-200 years from archeological finds that haven't existed for way longer than that. Cultures that have undeniably existed, but a person in 1677, even an educated one, would have no clue.

They are very nice climate and nature wise. One of those paradise esque places on earth that feel like men were meant to live like that.

2245b No.157

>Same goes with evolution

Microevolution is real.

Macroevolution is pure fantasy.

Don't get me wrong, a bird can certainly change over time into a slightly different bird, but a bird will never evolve into a monkey or a cow or a fish no matter how many billions of years pass or what environmental pressures are applied.

2245b No.158

More than that, in the book of Job, God gives a description of an ancient creature of His making called Behemoth. Going by the description of Behemoth, there is no possible animal it could be BUT a dinosaur, since it is described as swinging a tail the size of a cedar tree.

So there's no question, that as far as Biblical Christianity is concerned, something that would now be classified as a "dinosaur" existed, although that word wasn't invented until the 1800's.

2a70e No.159

>but a bird will never evolve into a monkey or a cow or a fish no matter how many billions of years pass
That's exactly how evolution works, though. It happens every generation, for every species still breeding. You only usually see the major differences on the scale of millions of years or more, like comparing a velociraptor to a chicken. But between one generation and the next, you might see a slightly smaller velociraptor survive where its bigger cousins die before finding a mate.
Hell, you can see it happen in Humans, with hereditary traits we would define as mental disorders. Shit like autism and sociopathy exist because somewhere down the line an ancestor survived because he was hyper-aware of his surroundings or was able to kill a bunch of enemies without having a mental breakdown while still in danger.

95a70 No.169

The examples you provide do not show that a bird can evolve into a monkey or cow or a fish. The hereditary traits you mention only change miniscule differences in what are still humans.

93a6b No.170

Kids love dinosaurs. They get used as a cute vehicle for indoctrination. The fossil record really became a thing for deboonking the Genesis creation narrative when scientism started taking off in the 1800s.
Today, no adult gives a shit about dinosaurs unless they are educators i.e. evangelists. But those evangelists care because it is proof of deep time and hooks kid into the science world view.
National Geographic made a big deal out of scientists discovering that dinosaurs had feathers. If you look at more recent kids’ books half the time the dinosaurs are all faggoted up now.
These books don’t talk about any of the Victorians who started paleontology but my daughter got some book about a plucky, persistent paleontologist named Sue who single-handedly found the most awesomest and complete T Rex evar. Yes, Sue the dinosaur is named after Sue the science poster child.
Kids don’t even like dinosaurs for that long. My son is 6 and he’s over both dinosaurs and capeshit (thank God). He likes watching some Jurassic Park show on Netflix because it’s for older kids and he’s not supposed to. The show itself has some themes and characters you would expect and of course any real science is almost entirely absent.
One real kicker is that if you read between the lines in some of my kids’ more “serious” book you start seeing the flimsiness behind a lot of it. Most dinosaur finds are not complete skeletons, it will just be one bone and then they somehow extrapolate an entire dinosaur from that. The books are loaded with hedge language about what scientists speculate.
I think dinosaurs were real but that we know precious little about them and that precious little has been spun incessantly to push multiple bullshit agendas.

19852 No.188

Monkeys, cows and fish didn't evolve from birds, retard. They evolved from rodents, deer-like mammals and lancelets respectively.

50db3 No.189

Not fish anon they were completely independent from mammalian evolution unless it pertains to starting the given tree but, that's millions of years into the future from the point of walking on land

19852 No.190

File: 1650728854441.png (347.9 KB, 640x480, milk.png)

Sorry but I have no clue what the fuck you're trying to say.

Also, I really need to sort out my reaction images because I know I have a more suitable one to convey how I feel about your left-of-field post. Alas, I couldn't find it so we'll have to settle for a goofy nigga drinking milk.

fd93e No.203

Macroevolution is just micro on micro. A bird can change into a slightly different bird, and then that bird can change into another bird that's slightly different from itself, but is even more different from the first bird. Then the third bird evolves into yet another slight different bird, until it becomes something vastly different from what it started as.

73f38 No.245

File: 1651250310829.jpg (11.62 KB, 154x178, 1605849800560.jpg)

>evidence of them until 1677
is that when they found the lost civilization remnant in a valley in antarctica and locked down the continent and history?

1ad98 No.251

File: 1651285712305.jpg (65.7 KB, 680x493, luvscience.jpg)

>That's exactly how evolution works
source: pic related
The theory of evolution through natural selection of random mutations as the mechanic of speciation is ridiculously and obviously false.
An infinite number of monkeys pounding on infinite keyboards for infinity NEVER produce the first sentence of shakespeare; it CANNOT be produced randomly, a cat on a keyboard NEVER plays a symphony.
You've fallen for the lies of scientism, TENS hasn't been a valid hypothesis since the discovery of the cell structure.

1ad98 No.252

> slightly different from itself, but give a survival advantage. so you see, a single celled organism with asexual reproduction took tiny beneficial steps one at a time until it was a hermaphrodite, then split into male and female. this was accomplished by tiny individual mutations, and every step was better. this is totally possible, and not obviously impossible in multiple ways. TENS is proven true, not a proven wrong old hypothesis from before they discovered cells and dna.
ignorant fool or malicious liar?
Definitely an annoying hlyic shitting up /x with atheist friend-of-epstein style kikery.

b2e40 No.491

Bones of dinosaurs do not exist. All we have are fossilization of them. I’m leaning towards them being fake and gay. Plus gravity and biomechanics don’t let land animals get that big. They would collapse under their own weight.

1106f No.521

Why do people always regress towards the mean performance of their race within a few generations? They've tried to breed geniuses but it never works. It seems like the only mutations that ever happen are harmful.

8ca08 No.522

They are fake; I once sold them at the general store long ago but now we only sell seed and feed.

8ca08 No.523

(((they))) keep trying to ship engineers and doctors from africa, but all it has brought is crime and murder.

ad534 No.527

File: 1653030604800.jpg (46.31 KB, 600x600, 1598206031251.jpg)

i think some are more 'real' than others.

8ca08 No.712

When I was there they looked a little bit different. Only sometimes is everything a lie, probably.

2416c No.858

Kent Hovind has a great seminar on dinosaurs

he uses it to justify a 6,000 year old Earth but the information he presents is very good.
Essentially he says this:
>dinosaur = dragon
>most were killed over the last 4000 years
>dinosaurs still exist (ogopogo, loch ness monster, pteradactyls in africa, sea monsters)

97754 No.859

Honsetly I don't like these conspiracies about dinosaurs it both detracts from religious teachings and science themselves. Lochness monster and pterodactyls are reptiles rather than protobirds and as such are not dinosaurs. Also neither of which could feasible exist. No dinosaurs had the body plans of Ogopogo.

2416c No.867

>detracts from religious teachings and science
Not necessarily. Many Christians believe in a 6,000 year old Earth so 'science' bringing in dinosaurs that lived 'millions and millions' of years ago can greatly shake their faith. Ultimately it doesnt matter if each day of creation was literal 24 hours or an ambigious span of time, but truth remains the truth. LOADS of evidence for dinosaurs and evolution in the way it is taught was heavily doctured, and many things obscured (for example human footprints in the same stone as dinosaur prints).

>as such are not dinosaurs

kind of a similar thing with crocodiles. "they lived at the same time as dinosaurs" - so why arent they called dinosaurs? Look up Mokele Mbembe. The natives of Congo respond to it by seeing images of an Apatosaurus, and the Loch Ness monster was many times described as a plesiosaurus, even by scientists.

>>127 >>858
I also linked the wrong video in previous post, although that one is a good intro

16190 No.876

based. there is zero evidence of the occurring over recorded history. surly we should a couple new species evolve in the last 4000 years if evolution is real

cfaa2 No.895

your generally correct but dont underestimate life fren. it can do some shit youve never even thought about.

16190 No.896

>life… uhh… finds a,way

47f0e No.897

This is an excellent question. I'm no eugenics practitioner or cow breeder but in threads about homesteading I've heard of people talking about cow breeders only breeding for one thing and basically fucking everything else up along the way. I'm not just talking low-level dysgenics, I mean people buying cows that require extra equipment to make them milk or fuck right, like an iphone or one of those people born without a spine.
Anyway, When you breed for one thing, you lose some others so you have to be careful not to lose too much of anything. That's why natural selection is an important part of eugenics.
Also, eugenic practices have to be maintained in some capacity until or unless they can be maintained on their own. You can breed geniuses out of negroes but when they start reproducing with the common nigger the quality goes down. High quality must mate with high quality. Same with the other races. The only way to cultivate quality is to have as many kids as possible with the same woman, then when they're all grown up and you can see who has the highest quality genes you can arrange for them to bang someone with equally high quality genes
(this is why people of ancient cultures arranged marriages between their kids and someone else's), then they make a big litter, and you repeat.

97754 No.901

>Loch Ness monster was many times described as a plesiosaurus, even by scientists.
That's a marine reptile and has no relation to dinosaurs

b1294 No.913

File: 1656061125908.png (2.08 MB, 640x1886, dinozaur.png)

>umm ackhtually it's a marine reptile, not a dinosaur
if it lives in prehistory and is a big reptile, it's a dinosaur
simple as

d8126 No.1006

I have studied history and science for a long time. Its entirely possible humans killed them off we killed predators like cave lions off in the less than a hundred years across multiple continents. Looking how technology has progressed people would not believe the internet if you described it to people in the 1880s so generational memory can be short with such progress. My other reason being that I have seen enough spooky things from living in the mountains and forest from animals that are said to only exist one part of the world being in North America like jungle spiders the size of large mans palm with webs stretching hundreds of feet, forest spirits are real by the way. This Earth has many places to hide, especially with some of these cave systems having their own ecosystems. Really if crocs made it this long why not other dinosaurs. Alas though there has been a extensive effort to cover up a lot of cryptids, red herrings or plain false leads. The governments tend to wall areas off they know long "extinct creatures" currently pasture in.

615bd No.1007

Not fake, though there are a couple of mysteries with them. One that comes to mind is the Dinosaur Gravity Problem. However this problem is solved by another as-yet-unaccepted-though-it's-correct theory - the Expanding Earth. There is no Dinosaur Gravity problem on a smaller mass earth, which the Earth would have been back when Dinos were at their peak.

2416c No.1008

File: 1656332165566.jpg (411.11 KB, 1600x1067, AFRICAN-rainforests-map-16….jpg)

>jungle spiders the size of large mans palm
thats insane. I find it ridiculous how so many people like yourself have these real life accounts, which are so casually discredited by 'biologists' because those "species dont exist in that part of the world". Would love if you could share any more stories.

>This Earth has many places to hide

One of the most interesting for me is the Congo Basin Forest. Its fucking 500 MILLION acres! Bigger than ALASKA. And its just heavy forest and swampland. Pure jungle. The local tribes have many accounts of dinosaur-like animals, bigger than hippos but smaller than elephants. And even pteradactyls that they call big bats. Their favorite food is dead humans they claim.

>forest spirits are real by the way

I have became a believer recently. No personal experience tho, do you mind to share any or any info?

21c7d No.1009

>redpill me on x retard template thread
Why would you need a redpill on some bones? Are you literally retarded or what?

2416c No.1010

File: 1656344990389.png (7.01 MB, 2000x2000, ancientdinos (1).png)

d8126 No.1019

File: 1656382519645.jpg (27 KB, 336x308, 1631040567613 (2).jpg)

As far as the jungle spiders in the forest of Northern California. I'm not the only one who has seen them. They make their webs at night near flowing water. I unfortunately walked through their web when heading towards a creek it was thick and i looked up my exgf saw them too they were basically super sized orb weavers and they were spread out through the forest it looked surreal reminded of the arachnids movie.

>One of the most interesting for me is the Congo Basin Forest.

Ya for how undeveloped Africa is there is many things in the congo that could feed large creatures. In the early 1920s some German explorers found tracks where they said they eat certain plants with dinosaurs you describe but they apparently like to stay underwater have long necks ambush using its head like a sledge hammer and attack canoes.

>I have became a believer recently. No personal experience tho, do you mind to share any or any info?

Walking in rural forest of Northern California early 2000s. Feel like a cougar is watching and following me. Find a wallet from the 1970s has cash in it theres torn clothing bits near the wallet. Definitely something is watching me now gets very quite. So i run make a large U and get to higher peak to see whats following me. Its a massive buck with huge antlers that was following me. Deer are usually very skiddish. It turns towards me and rushes like its going to climb where i'm at. I'm about to climb a tree. I turn my head to the left the buck is right next to the tree i'm about to climb we are talking like 5 seconds from when I saw it staring at me to it now being on this small peak thats at least 40 ft up with gravel rocks that makes lots of sound. Its staring at me straight on. The wind blows and hear as an feel like someone directly whispering in my right ear gives me chills "its dangerous around here leave now" I look peripherally nothing but as i do the buck had a humanoid shape just dissipated like a mist in the corner of my eye. i turn my eyes too look at it again its gone. Sprinted out of the forest.

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